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Full Version: Herpetologists union local #420 newsletter
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Greetings everyone!  We are writing to give a brief update to our membership on our latest endeavor- the ongoing cull of invasive species in Ssraeshza Temple.

About 6 months ago, members reported that a species originally slated for extermination on Norrath somehow not only evaded destruction, but had escaped to Luclin.  To make matters worse, their population grew enormously, and now the nesting area is massive.  We're calling on all of our members to contribute and provide their services in the area to keep the Shissar population under control.

Yours in the danger noodle brotherhood
Local #420

PS- If any members find a creative use for the leavings, please post photos!

If you're considering a visit back to Everquest here on TAKP, this is a great time:
  1. Raid mobs are predictably rotated, so we have a google calendar to help you maximize your play time.
  2. We're well into Luclin (new spells, Vex Thal, lots of AA, etc.) with solid strats for everything.
  3. Highly active mains are reaching saturation of common drops.  Returning and new mains will gear up fast.
  4. There's a revamped alt loot system to keep things interesting for your favorite pet alt.
  5. Planes of Power is in active development.  Help make the content the best possible experience by weighing in.