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Full Version: Hi Temerity!
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Hey there, just wanna introduce myself -

I recently joined the server and am playing a Monk (Zorak), Shaman (Brak), and Wizard (Moltar) 3box.
Currently I am level 51 on all three. I plan on maining the Monk, and eventually also bringing the Wizard to raids. I have some raid experience coming from p99 Green and Mangler.

Starting around level 28 I started teaming up with Kili on his Beastlord, Sloth, and we have had many fun adventures together. He's told me about Temerity and it sounds like it would be a great fit for me once i get to endgame.
So far I've also met Gwen, Catyla, Dryfly, Mystique, and Gnomeo. Every experience was wonderful! 

Look forward to grouping and getting to know you all in game
Heya, Zorak! Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you around.
Hey Zorak! Good to see your post on the boards.
Hey Zorak! Good to see you in the boards. He’s always been nice & friendly when chatting. Hope to see you again
Hey zorak - look forward to getting to know you. (Although LOL at monk)
(06-05-2020, 03:47 PM)Zorak Wrote: [ -> ]I recently joined the server and am playing a Monk (Zorak)

I plan on maining the Monk

It doesn't help your cause if you make up a fake class that you call your main. "Monk", lol, no one is going to believe that exists.
After learning about the Monk AC issue, I have changed to a Paladin. He's level 21 atm and will be in the 50s soon. The Wizard/Shaman are now 55! Thanks for laughing the monk out of existence, it'll be for the best Smile
Monks are excellent pullers, great DPS, and tank better than most. It's true that monks get bad returns on AC over their soft cap, but they have the best dodges of any class by a substantial margin. They also have an instant self-heal and both evasion and mitigation discs. You guys are ridiculous Tongue

Zorak, play what you enjoy!
I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of monks pulling with how overwhelmingly better SKs are at it lol
Thanks to some amazing exp sessions with my man Kili, the paladin is now level 52! 


-the paladin formerly known as Zorak
Looking for a second sponsor if anyone would like to group up this week and hang out
If I get the chance to play we can group up
Partied with Kili and Starsha last night in SSRA on my first adventure into SSRA and we tore up comm1!

Starsha agreed to sponsor me so now I have two sponsors and just put in an app.

Look forward to meeting more of you!