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Full Version: Old School Cool
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I stumbled onto this link while researching POP encounters.  I figured you guys would enjoy the blast from the past as much as I did.

Utdaan Twoswords player of the week.

[Image: 350x500-utdaan.jpg]
Nothing beats reading a full interview from 2007 in 2021... Wink
Why did I KNOW Utdaan would use new models ?

( Thanks Beaaden ! )
Bragging about playing with Curt Shilling doesn't carry the same gravitas it used to...
Hehe.  He was pretty proud of that associationSmile

Oodles of names one completely forgets in those pics!
This was fun to read. I'm glad there's a way for me to continue to play the EQ I became hooked to today on TAKP.