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Full Version: Elusive drops...
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We're always teasing about the insanity of chasing rare items.  Welp, I lucked into one at the last raid, Sporecaller!  And naturally, took a screenshot next to Darchon while he was afk!

[Image: tuQDIs0.jpg]

[Image: sswEGp9.jpg]

It may be the only druid equippable with that graphic, but I could be wrong...

Race you to the next rare Smile

I especially like that "Take that! Bwahahahahahah!" shot.
Emryes magic engaged!

[Image: nDX3d9T.png]

[Image: 84oucfB.png]

But really, grats!  I guess I shall be raiding with my Spiny Great Mace until Sporecaller or PoP drops