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Disturbances of the Peace - Ravenwing - 02-18-2017

Alarming reports from across Norrath suggest hooliganism and shenanigans have been sharply on the rise in the first two months of 2017.

In late January, a chicken-plucking festival got badly out of hand. 

[Image: 32134480624_67dd7a86f1_b.jpg]

Several Spiroc Lords were hospitalized, and four valuable Wingblades have been reported stolen. Inhabits of the Plane of Sky were left badly shaken, and the bixies and drakes of isles 6 and 7 appear to have recently gone missing as well.

Not long afterward, police responded to a reported home invasion in Velketor's Labyrinth. First responders arrived at the scene to discover Velketor, a notorious shut-in who hasn't spoken to family members in Kael Drakkel in years, nowhere on the premises. This pair of boots was found abandoned at the scene.

[Image: 32163849973_6cafe9f560_b.jpg]

In planar news, Cyndreela filed a noise complaint with the Oggok PD in early February. Authorities suspected a rowdy, bohemian celebration in the Plane of Fear. Alcohol and perhaps dancing may have been involved.

[Image: 32163822413_94cf3a483d_b.jpg]

Officers dispatched to break up the festivities found the plane completely deserted, but the south tower had been defaced with some kind of modern art installation.

[Image: 32163818633_dc0849d2cf_b.jpg]

I don't think I get it. Do you?

RE: Disturbances of the Peace - Starsha - 02-19-2017

Awesome and I would love to see a "Like" button for all the pictures!  Always great being part of a noise complaint!!

RE: Disturbances of the Peace - Quirk - 02-20-2017

Keep killin it!

RE: Disturbances of the Peace - Frosst - 03-14-2017

Looks fun-- good job all!

RE: Disturbances of the Peace - Lurari - 03-16-2017

(03-14-2017, 05:13 PM)Frosst Wrote: Looks fun-- good job all!


Keep crushin it, Tems.

Love the post RW.