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The War of the Ring - Ravenwing - 03-31-2017

On Wednesday, Temerity took its first feeble stab at the 10th Ring War. Our plan was to suss out the encounter, learn a bit about the timing and pathing, and then throw the good citizens of Thurgadin a lavish funeral.

And sure enough, we ran into a few bumps in the road:

[Wed Mar 29 19:24:24 2017] You tell Temraidcore:1, 'this is just a trial run, anyway. Next time around, maybe we'll ask people not to kill Zrelik'
[Wed Mar 29 19:24:31 2017] Darchon tells Temraidcore:1, 'haha'
[Wed Mar 29 19:24:37 2017] Darchon tells Temraidcore:1, 'what a lofty request'

But lo and behold!


I think Slouch's stirring victory speech resonated with everyone present:

[Wed Mar 29 20:26:42 2017] Slouch tells the raid,  'well, that was surprising :-p'

Congratulations to Linkamus on the server's first Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV!

RE: The War of the Ring - Linkamus - 03-31-2017

Epic speech indeed!

RE: The War of the Ring - Neea - 04-01-2017

/petition the powersthatbe for a /like button !

Congratulations !