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In the Norrathian justice system, reptile-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Shadow Haven, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Snake Victims Unit. These are their stories…
NotElliot tells the group, ‘Looks like we got our first lead.  Meet me at The Bazaar.’
You have entered The Bazaar.
NotIceT tells the group, ‘I’ve been to some rough areas, but this is up there…  These people are on display like meat.’
NotOlivia tells the group, ‘Let’s canvas the area to see what we can find out.  Someone has to know something.’
NotOlivia is browsing your wares.
Disaster tells you, ‘That’ll be 1pp per Fetid Essence.’
Disaster tells you, 'That'll be 100pp per Dirty Goblin Parchment.'
NotOlivia says, ‘We’re looking for information.  Have any of your recent clients involved snakes in any way?’
Disaster panics and screams.
Disaster says, ‘No, nothing like that!  Stay away from me!’ and runs to the zone line.

NotElliot is browsing your wares.

Striptease tells you, ‘That’ll be 1000pp for a Lap Dance.’

Striptease tells you, ‘That’ll be 5000pp for a Bun Squeeze.’

Striptease says, ‘Bun Squeeze popular.  You buy!’
NotElliot says, ‘We are investigating a series of homicides where snake scales were left behind at the crime scene.  You know anyone with snake troubles lately? ’
Striptease says, ‘Looks free but boring.  You buy!’
NotIceT says, ‘Ma’am, we are serious.  Lives are on the line.  If you know anything, please tell us.’
Striptease raises an eyebrow at NotIceT.

Striptease looks very uncomfortable.

Striptease tells you ‘I not animal tamer.  But have heard things.’

Striptease writes a short note and tucks it in her hair.

Striptease says, ‘Bun Squeeze always satisfies.  You buy!’
NotIceT has purchased one Bun Squeeze for ( 5000p).

NotIceT says, ‘Thanks.’
Striptease grins.

NotElliot tells the group, ‘So what did your little squeeze tell you?’

NotIceT glares at NotElliot.

NotIceT tells the group, ‘Our informant's note had this to say: Sneks always have snek friends.’

NotElliot tells the group, ‘That is supposed to be our tip?’

NotOlivia tells the group, ‘Snake friends…  Maybe we’re going about this the wrong way.  Let’s split up.  I’m headed for Qeynos Hills to start.  NotIceT, you take Misty Thicket and East Karana.  NotElliot, check in with forensics on the snake scales and see if there’s an update.'

You have entered Misty Thicket.
NotIceT says, ‘Hail, a moss snake.’
[no reply]
You have entered East Karana.
NotIceT says, ‘Hail, a bullnose snake.’
[no reply]
NotIceT says, ‘Hail, a chasm crawler’
[no reply]
NotIceT tells the group, ‘I am striking out so far.  Maybe you guys will have more luck.  Heading back to Shadow Haven.’

You have entered North Qeynos.
NotOlivia says, ‘Hail, a grass snake.’

NotOlivia says, ‘I’ve heard that snakes have lots and lots of friends.  I have to say I’m a little jealous…

A grass snake smiles.

A grass snake says, ‘Yeah, we’re pretty awesome.’

NotOlivia says, ‘It must be hard to keep in touch with everyone.’

A grass snake nods.

A grass snake says, ‘Some like to guild up.  Personally, I like writing letters.  There’s an endless supply of idio..err players that will take paper all over the planet for nothing but some faction.  Snek pals best pals.’

NotOlivia says, ‘Writing, huh.  Not many take the time required for that anymore.  For that matter, how do you even hold a pen?’

A grass snake says, ‘Very carefully.  Especially since penmanship is a point of pride for snakes’

NotOlivia says ‘Wow.  By chance do you know anyone from far away?  With so many snek pals you must know people everywhere!’

A grass snake says, ‘Let me think.  I think the furthest away pen pal said he was in a temple commune somewhere…’

You have entered The Lab.
Not Elliot says, ‘Hail Labrat.’

Labrat says, ‘Ah.  You must be here about the snake scales.  Long story short, these scales don’t match any species on Norrath.
NotElliot tells the group, ‘The lab finished the analysis.  We need to meet back in Shadow Haven and fast.'

NotIceT tells the group, ‘Ok, on my way’

NotOlivia tells the group, ‘Likewise.’

You have entered Shadow Haven.
NotIceT tells the group, ‘I struck out in Misty Thicket and East Karana.  I hope you guys had some success.’

NotElliot tells the group, ‘The lab results are in.  These snake scales from the crime scenes aren’t from any species of snake located on Norrath’

NotIceT tells the group, ‘Weird.’

NotOlivia tells the group, ‘I know where we need to go.  I made a new snake friend with lots of pen pals a--'

NotElliot tells the group, ‘Wait, what??’

NotOlivia tells the group, ‘As I was saying, this snake has lots of pen pals, and one is in a temple commune.  There’s only one possible place in Luclin that fits that description.’

NotIceT snaps his fingers.

NotIceT tells the group, ‘Ssraeshza Temple!’
Note to the audience.  There is a toon named Oliviabenson which I did not create for this Smile

This is so amazing.

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