Megolash's application
1. Who are your sponsors? (You must have two, they must have agreed to do it, and they must be full members.)
Sami, Marvn

2. How do you know each of your sponsors?
Chatting and playing together on TAKP.  Sami and I were both in The Horde guild.

3. What is the name, level, race and class of your primary main character? Paste in the link to your TAKP magelo.
Megolash 65 Half Elf Ranger

4. What is your handle on the TAKP forums?

5. List your shrink and EB items, as well as your means of casting gate, invis, and levitate if applicable. Do you have an insta-clicky?
Tolan's BP, Innate Camo, ranger spells for lev.
I have Coldain ring clicky, VT ranger gloves and a few others for dispel stuff.

6. What alts do you have (name/class/level)?
Jackee 65 Bard
Fidget 65 Druid
Evelyn 63 Cleric

7. What time zone do you live in, and what is your typical play schedule? 
US Eastern, usually up late.

8. How long have you played on TAKP?
4+ years

9. Where and when have you played EQ prior to TAKP? If you played on Al'Kabor, tell us your character names, when you were active, and what guild(s) you were in.
I was in The Horde on AK as Megolash, Tamagini, Figtree, Mips and a few other alts.
Also played in Vintage with characters Tammy and Jackee, these were level 60 alts for doing old raids.

10. Have you been in other guilds on TAKP? If so, why did you leave?
I was in The Horde and am currently in Destiny.  I left The Horde together with most of the guild to merge with Destiny for raiding.

11. Describe your previous EQ raiding experience. What classes have you played on raids?
I'm experienced with most classes but I prefer DPS role.  My trio is Ranger/Bard/Druid and those 3 are my favorite classes.

12. Why do you want to join Temerity?
I'd like to continue raiding and Destiny's raid attendance has fallen off in the past few months.  I'm excited about playing with single box players on Temerity raids.  I feel like that's the dream but once people start 3 boxing it's hard to let go.

13. What do you expect out of EverQuest -- why do you play?
I think the multiplayer interactions are the most memorable and that's what keeps us coming back.  It can be fun to kill some hard boss by yourself, but it's all for nothing if there aren't people to tell about it.  Even when people mess up things, it can be a fun experience to look back on, something you wouldn't get if you're just boxing by yourself.

14. Anything else you want us to know?
I mostly just log in for raids these days, so I haven't been online much outside of Destiny's raid times.  My characters are all flagged for EPs and I have the essence from Fennin Ro.

Welcome, Megolash! We love our rangers here. Even halflings like Sami.

Looking forward to getting to know you in game!

Awesome! Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you on raids.
[Image: jxge0LC.jpg]

I look forward to getting to know you and your play style.  I hope to see you soon.

Always room for tunare worshippers! See ya in game.

If you are as brave and daring as Sami, you will be welcomed and loved !
Neea Cleric
Zneea Wizardess
Gnomeo Gnome

Welcome Megolash. Look forward to seeing you in game.
Tarkon - Rogue
Tarkonia - Cleric
Siman - Enchanter
Member of Temerity

Nice to see your app Mego.

Very stoked to see your app, Mego! Looking forward to shooting some monsters together. I give all Tunare rangers a 1 fire dmg handicap so that they can keep up Wink
Sami (Rng) | Camu (Shm) | Yuyu (Wiz) | Raeve (Nec) | Lazlo (Pal) | Elym (Cle) | Okai (Rog) | Maeve (Enc)

Welcome Smile
Slouch, fattoknight
formerly Pithy, gnooligan

Top tier human.
Lenas / Leona / Lauxi

Mego, LMK if you need an Anizok's Shrinking Device.
Neea Cleric
Zneea Wizardess
Gnomeo Gnome

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