Thoran(When I hit 50)
Hello Tems,

I was speaking with Mechaike tonight and mentioned I was going to be applying back to Temerity when I eventually hit 50.  I thought I would just drop a topic to show my interest in the meantime.

Used to be a so-so Paladin on AK in Temerity
Now I am a so-so necro on TAKP

Hey Thoran, good to see you. If you were never guilded elsewhere on TAKP, you should be able to get a tag from officers without a formal application process.
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Don't wait until 50! They tagged me at level 1 (the fools!)

As Corba says, if you haven't been tagged anywhere else... come back home Big Grin.
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AK: Kyth, Killer of Gods and Tanks, retired officer of Temerity

Excellent change of pace, ridding yourself of a dorf paladin. Hope to see you in game more!!
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