As of June 22nd 2021

06/10/21Ssra - Emperor Ssraeshza
BeldisGebron's Demented Cloak
ZeliusThe Sword of Ssraeshza
06/10/21Ssra - Blood of Ssraeshza 34
06/10/21Ssra - Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune 33
06/10/21Ssra - Vyzh`dra the Cursed
TaelorBreastplate of the Void
YearVyzh`dra's Render of Souls
06/10/21Ssra - Vyzh`dra the Exiled
NorikuGleaming Serpent Tooth Choker
YearBand of Disrupted Auras
06/10/21Ssra - A Glyph Covered Serpent 33
06/08/21Kael - King Tormax 38
06/08/21Kael - The Avatar of War 38
06/08/21Kael - The Avatar of War 36
06/08/21Sseru - Lord Inquisitor Seru
MarvnHead of the Inquisitor
SeduceGlowing Amber Band
MarvnBloodied Berserker's Blade
05/27/21Kael - King Tormax 34
05/27/21Kael - The Avatar of War 36
05/27/21Sseru - Lord Inquisitor Seru
ZeliusHead of the Inquisitor
SeduceSeru's Torque
XorikBlack Ornate Chain Bridle
NorikuBow of Storms
05/20/21AR - Shei Vinitras
IcecoldIshinaear Xiall
ZivaShadowed Storm Sphere
05/20/21The Deep - Burrower Parasite 31
05/13/21AR - Shei Vinitras
YearShadowsong Cloak
05/13/21The Deep - Burrower Parasite
VindicationSpell: Elnerick's Rending
05/09/21VT - Thall Va Xakra
SamiGreat Bow of Slaughter
05/09/21VT - Thall Va Xakra 29
05/06/21VT - Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (blob2)
ExosRing of Resistance
IcecoldSpiked Shoulderpads
SamiSpiked Shoulderpads
05/06/21VT - Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (blob2)
ZeliusUmbracite Plate Leggings
RenachUmbracite Plate Leggings
RumielCrown of Ambivalence
05/06/21VT - Thall Xundrau Diabo
SamiBow of Shadows
GorrokHoop of Chaos
05/06/21VT - Thall Va Xakra 43
05/06/21VT - Thall Va Xakra
IcecoldRing of Rage
IcecoldRing of Rage
05/05/21VT - Diabo Xi Xin
TapornapBone Chill Shield
05/05/21VT - Diabo Xi Va
VindicationGrimoire of Enchantment
05/05/21VT - Aten Ha Ra
KhorpusSoul Essence of Aten Ha Ra
MechaikeWristband of Judgement
SamiArmguard of Shadows
VindicationSilver Band of Secrets
05/05/21VT - Va Xi Aten Ha Ra
SamiCloudy Mark
GadzooksGreat Bow of Slaughter
05/05/21VT - Diabo Xi Va Temariel 48
05/05/21VT - Thall Va Kelun
PompeiiCloak of Glowing Embers
GorrokEarring of Falling Stars
YearSanguine Gloves
05/05/21VT - Diabo Xi Xin Thall
SeduceObsidian Necklace
PompeiiDark Mace of Thought
05/05/21VT - Kaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek (blob1)
BeldisShade Stone Amulet
05/02/21VT - Thall Va Xakra
SlouchGreat Bow of Slaughter
YearCloak of Icy Shadows
05/02/21VT - Thall Va Xakra
VindicationAncient: Destruction of Ice
04/29/21VT - Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (blob2)
GorrokOrb of Satisfaction
DrudgerOrb of Satisfaction
04/29/21VT - Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (blob2)
VindicationCrown of Energy
GigistarWand of Tranquility
RumielWand of Tranquility
04/29/21VT - Thall Xundrau Diabo
StarshaShadow Pearl Earring
GorrokShadow Pearl Earring
GorrokMask of Resiliance
04/29/21VT - Thall Va Xakra
IcecoldCord of Midnight
ZeliusCord of Midnight
SeduceBracer of the Silent Star
VindicationBracer of the Silent Star
04/29/21VT - Thall Va Xakra
YearUmbracite Bracer
MarvnUmbracite Bracer
04/28/21VT - Diabo Xi Xin
SmudgeAmulet of Xuzl
04/28/21VT - Diabo Xi Va
GigistarScepter of Calekor
04/28/21VT - Aten Ha Ra
TweanMail of Judgment
RadiskullGreat Shadow Platemail
LullabyWristband of Secrets
JaerimSoul Essence of Aten Ha Ra
04/28/21VT - Va Xi Aten Ha Ra 43
04/28/21VT - Diabo Xi Va Temariel
BeldisTwilight Shroud
04/28/21VT - Thall Va Kelun
IcecoldEarring of Falling Stars
IcecoldSanguine Gloves
04/28/21VT - Diabo Xi Xin Thall
VindicationBelt of Dark Thought
TorroBracelet of the Shadow Hive
04/28/21VT - Kaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek (blob1) 35
04/25/21Ssra - Emperor Ssraeshza
VindicationSpell: Garrison's Superior Sunder
ZivaVelvet Slippers of Harmony
MarvnShield of Mental Fortitude
04/25/21Ssra - Blood of Ssraeshza
YearSsraeshzaen Honor Guard Bracer
04/25/21Ssra - High Priest of Ssraeshza
SamiWrath's Edge
04/25/21Ssra - Xerkizh the Creator
PompeiiHammer of the Ironfrost