As of August 6th 2020

08/02/20AR - Shei Vinitras 26
08/02/20VT - Thall Va Xakra
ZeliuxCord of Midnight
CookiesLiving Symbol
GigistarLiving Symbol
08/02/20VT - Thall Va Xakra
ZeliuxRing of Rage
CookiesShaded Amice
08/02/20VT - Diabo Xi Va
CookiesRune of Judgment
08/02/20VT - Diabo Xi Xin 27
07/30/20VT - Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (blob2)
AryavaRing of Resistance
XorikCirclet of Disguise
07/30/20VT - Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (blob2)
NeeaCrown of Ambivalence
07/30/20VT - Thall Xundrau Diabo
YinnHoop of Chaos
07/30/20VT - Thall Va Xakra
MechaikeCloak of Icy Shadows
07/30/20VT - Thall Va Xakra 26
07/29/20VT - Aten Ha Ra
TigreeGreat Maul of Slaughter
ZeliuxSoul Essence of Aten Ha Ra
TorroTorch of Judgment
TarkonCrimson Runed Mask
07/29/20VT - Va Xi Aten Ha Ra 33
07/29/20VT - Diabo Xi Va Temariel 33
07/29/20VT - Thall Va Kelun 32
07/29/20VT - Diabo Xi Xin Thall
StarshaBelt of Dark Thought
07/29/20VT - Kaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek (blob1) 29
07/26/20VT - Thall Va Xakra 31
07/26/20VT - Thall Va Xakra 30
07/26/20VT - Diabo Xi Va 31
07/26/20VT - Diabo Xi Xin 30
07/23/20VT - Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (blob2) 29
07/23/20VT - Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (blob2)
MechaikeCrown of Ambivalence
ZeliuxMark of Shadows
07/23/20VT - Thall Xundrau Diabo
CadsuaneBoots of the Wind
ZeliuxBow of Shadows
ZeliuxShadow Pearl Earring
07/23/20VT - Thall Va Xakra 29
07/23/20VT - Thall Va Xakra 27
07/22/20VT - Aten Ha Ra
UggersSoul Essence of Aten Ha Ra
HaaruOrb of Secrets
KiliArmguard of Shadows
07/22/20VT - Va Xi Aten Ha Ra 33
07/22/20VT - Diabo Xi Va Temariel
SarahLightbringers Earring
DevourUmbral Vambraces
07/22/20VT - Thall Va Kelun
ZeliuxSanguine Gloves
ZeliuxLeggings of Fiery Might
07/22/20VT - Diabo Xi Xin Thall
GwenavearBracelet of the Shadow Hive
DevourBracelet of the Shadow Hive
07/22/20VT - Kaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek (blob1)
ZeliuxSeething Mantle
07/19/20Ssra - Emperor Ssraeshza
UggersShawl of Awakenings
07/19/20Ssra - Blood of Ssraeshza
GigistarBlood Veil of the Shissar
07/19/20Ssra - Vyzh`dra the Cursed
LenasVengeful Mail of the Void
07/19/20Ssra - Vyzh`dra the Exiled 34
07/19/20Ssra - A Glyph Covered Serpent 34
07/19/20Ssra - Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune
ZeliuxFaded Skull Medallion
ZeliuxKeen Edged Cleaver
07/19/20Sseru - Lord Inquisitor Seru
GwenavearHead of the Inquisitor
07/12/20Ssra - Emperor Ssraeshza
TorroShawl of Awakenings
LenasAcrylia Handled Broadsword
07/12/20Ssra - Blood of Ssraeshza
ZeliuxSsraeshzaen Honor Guard Bracer
07/12/20Ssra - Vyzh`dra the Cursed
LenasVyzh`dra's Render of Souls
07/12/20Ssra - Vyzh`dra the Exiled 34
07/12/20Ssra - A Glyph Covered Serpent 34
07/12/20Sseru - Lord Inquisitor Seru
ZeliuxHead of the Inquisitor
ShorttinHeavy Yttrium Chestplate
GwenavearSeru's Torque
ZeliuxYttrium Studded Leather Boots
07/07/20Ssra - High Priest of Ssraeshza
07/07/20Ssra - Xerkizh the Creator
SyphieHeadband of Many Visions
TigreeHammer of the Ironfrost
07/07/20AR - Shei Vinitras 28
06/28/20Ssra - High Priest of Ssraeshza 26
06/28/20Ssra - Xerkizh the Creator
UggersSinged Petrified Leaf
06/28/20AR - Shei Vinitras 27
06/23/20Kael - King Tormax
ZeliuxVelium Encrusted Gauntlets
06/23/20Kael - The Avatar of War 28
06/23/20Kael - The Avatar of War
DaleRing of Destruction
06/23/20VT - Thall Va Xakra 25
06/23/20VT - Thall Va Xakra 25
06/21/20VT - Thall Xundrau Diabo
YinnHoop of Chaos
06/21/20VT - Aten Ha Ra
LullabyTome of Secrets
HaaruSoul Essence of Aten Ha Ra
HowlinmadEarring of Eradication
SarahMail of Judgment
06/21/20VT - Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (blob2)
UggersNightcaller Leggings
HaaruAncient: Destruction of Ice
06/21/20VT - Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (blob2)
ShorttinCrown of Ambivalence
06/21/20VT - Diabo Xi Va
CadsuaneScepter of Calekor
06/21/20VT - Diabo Xi Xin
LenasCloak of Destruction
06/18/20VT - Va Xi Aten Ha Ra
LenasCloudy Mark
06/18/20VT - Diabo Xi Va Temariel
HaaruArmguard of Purity
AryavaLightbringers Earring
06/18/20VT - Thall Va Kelun
ShorttinCloak of Glowing Embers
06/18/20VT - Diabo Xi Xin Thall 34
06/18/20VT - Kaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek (blob1) 34
06/18/20VT - Thall Va Xakra
UggersBracer of the Silent Star
06/18/20VT - Thall Va Xakra
KiliRing of Rage
06/14/20VT - Thall Va Xakra 29
06/14/20VT - Thall Va Xakra
HaaruBracer of the Silent Star
06/14/20VT - Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (blob2) 29
06/14/20VT - Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (blob2)
CatylaMark of Shadows
06/14/20VT - Thall Xundrau Diabo
CatylaHoop of Chaos
HaaruBoots of the Wind
LinkamusMask of Resiliance
06/11/20Kael - King Tormax
ZeliuxCrown of the Kromzek Kings
06/11/20Kael - The Avatar of War
ZeliuxFlayed Barbarian Hide Mask
ZeliuxRing of Destruction
06/11/20Ssra - Emperor Ssraeshza
AryavaKoadic's Robe of Heightened Focus
KiliEnvenomed Moccasins
06/11/20Ssra - Blood of Ssraeshza 37
06/11/20VT - Thall Va Xakra 34
06/11/20VT - Thall Va Xakra 35
06/10/20VT - Aten Ha Ra
CatylaSoul Essence of Aten Ha Ra
CadsuaneWristband of Secrets
06/10/20VT - Va Xi Aten Ha Ra
CatylaEarring of Battle
HaaruUmbracite Hoop
06/10/20VT - Diabo Xi Va Temariel
HaaruLightbringers Earring
TorroLightbringers Earring
06/10/20VT - Thall Va Kelun
LenasSanguine Gloves
06/10/20VT - Diabo Xi Xin Thall
HaaruRing of Flamewarding
HaaruTiny Cap of Sight
06/10/20VT - Diabo Xi Xin 35
06/10/20VT - Diabo Xi Va
HaaruWand of Turning
YinnGreat Mace of Slaughter
06/10/20VT - Kaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek (blob1)
YinnOrb of Evasion