As of May 18th 2022

05/17/22PoEb - Warlord Gintolaken
ShorttinBands of Earthen Energy
05/17/22PoEb - War Chieftan Awisano 42
05/17/22PoEb - War Chieftan Birak 40
05/17/22PoEb - War Chieftan Galronar
SarahElemental Leather Boot Pattern
05/15/22PoEarth - Mystical Arbitor of Earth
YummyummCloak of Flickering Flame
DwinEarring of Living Earth
05/15/22PoEarth - Dust Ring (Perfected Warder of Earth)
ZyzzixLeaf-jointed Cloak
05/15/22PoEarth - Vine Ring
WimpelElemental Chain Bracelet Pattern
05/15/22PoEarth - Tantisala Jaggedtooth
DrudgerShroud of the Stonecrafter
05/15/22PoEarth - Mud Ring
DwinBone Sliver Ornament
05/15/22PoEarth - Peregrin Rockskull (Stone Ring) 44
05/11/22PoTime - P5 Cazic Thule
BeldisTimeless Silk Robe Pattern
ExosCloak of Retribution
ZyzzixStaff of Transcendence
05/11/22PoTime - P4 Saryrn
GorrokCap of Flowing Time
UggersRing of Evasion
SmudgeVeil of Lost Hopes
05/11/22PoTime - P4 Terris Thule
ExosVanazir, Dreamer's Despair
SarahCape of Endless Torment
TorroCape of Endless Torment
05/11/22PoTime - P4 Vallon Zek
TorroShoes of Fleeting Fury
ZyzzixShoes of Fleeting Fury
DrudgerHammer of Holy Vengeance
05/11/22PoTime - P4 Tallon Zek
SmudgeCloak of the Falling Skies
RumielSerpent of Vindication
WimpelBand of Prismatic Focus
05/11/22PoTime - Phase 1 43
05/10/22PoFire - Fennin Ro, The Tyrant of Fire
IcecoldIfir, Dagger of Fire
AryavaEarring of Eternal Flame
05/10/22PoFire - Doomfire Ring
WimpelFire Marked Rune
05/10/22PoFire - Arch Mage Yozanni
AryavaElemental Silk Turban Pattern
RootbearElemental Leather Helm Pattern
05/10/22PoFire - General Reparm
MarvnElemental Helm Mold
JukeFiery Staff of Zha
05/10/22PoFire - Magmaton
DonatelloElemental Chain Boot Pattern
05/10/22PoFire - Pyronis
XorikElemental Gauntlet Mold
05/10/22PoFire - Blazzax The Omnifiend
SarafelleElemental Silk Boot Pattern
WimpelElemental Chain Bracelet Pattern
05/10/22PoFire - Babnoxis, The Spider Queen
ThucydidesElemental Bracer Mold
05/10/22PoFire - Quavonis Firetail
CadsuaneElemental Silk Sleeve Pattern
ZeliusElemental Vambrace Mold
05/08/22PoTime - P5 Innoruuk 42
05/08/22PoTime - P5 Bertoxxulous
GorrokBelt of Temporal Bindings
TorroTimeless Leather Tunic Pattern
ZyzzixTimeless Leather Tunic Pattern
05/08/22PoTime - Phase 3
RootbearElemental Leather Pant Pattern
AryavaElemental Silk Pant Pattern
SamiMask of Strategic Insight
GorrokMask of Strategic Insight
RumielElemental Silk Pant Pattern
05/08/22PoTime - Phase 2
CadsuaneTiny Jade Ring
ZyzzixGirdle of Restoration
AryavaWand of the Vortex
SenbusCloak of Ferocity
05/08/22PoTime - Phase 1
RootbearWristguard of Keen Vision
05/04/22PoTime - P4 Vallon Zek
LinkamusBow of the Tempest
TigreeShinai of the Ancients
MechaikeShoes of Fleeting Fury
05/04/22PoTime - P4 Tallon Zek
VindicationCirclet of Flowing Time
DryflyWinged Storm Boots
NorikuBracer of Precision
05/04/22PoTime - P4 Terris Thule
KiliCoif of Flowing Time
ZyzzixVanazir, Dreamer's Despair
GigistarTalisman of Tainted Energy
05/04/22PoTime - Phase 1
MarvnRing of Force
05/02/22PoTime - P5 Rallos Zek
GadzooksVisor of the Berserker
TigreePants of Furious Might
TheocleaPauldrons of Devastation
05/02/22PoTime - P4 Saryrn
SamiShroud of Provocation
ZyzzixSymbol of the Planemasters
05/02/22PoTime - P5 Cazic Thule
StarshaTimeless Silk Robe Pattern
GorrokStaff of Transcendence
DevourWristband of Echoed Thoughts
05/02/22PoTime - Phase 1
TapornapPulsing Emerald Hoop
RumielPulsing Emerald Hoop
05/01/22PoTime - P5 Cazic ThuleProgression Bonus41
05/01/22PoTime - Phase 3
SpaideElemental Greaves Mold
SenbusDagger of Distraction
TarkonCloak of Wishes
SenbusEthereal Destroyer
SenbusEarring of Xaoth Kor
05/01/22PoTime - Phase 2
GadzooksGauntlets of Disruption
TapornapHoop of the Enlightened
05/01/22PoTime - Phase 1
NeeaPulsing Emerald Hoop
TapornapRing of Force
04/27/22PoTime - P5 Cazic ThuleProgression Bonus34
04/27/22PoTime - P5 Rallos ZekProgression Bonus48
04/27/22PoTime - P4 Terris Thule
ZeliusVanazir, Dreamer's Despair
MikaylaHammer of Hours
NorikuCoif of Flowing Time
04/27/22PoTime - P4 Vallon Zek
TheocleaHelm of Flowing Time
ExosGlobe of Mystical Protection
TigreeShoes of Fleeting Fury
04/27/22PoTime - P4 Tallon Zek
SmudgeTactician's Shield
RumielTactician's Shield
SenbusMantle of Deadly Precision
04/27/22PoTime - Phase 1
DobbisRing of Force
AryavaPulsing Emerald Hoop
SenbusPulsing Emerald Hoop
GigistarMask of Conceptual Energy
04/25/22PoTime - P4 Saryrn
MarvnSymbol of the Planemasters
ExosShroud of Provocation
04/25/22PoTime - Phase 3
TorroElemental Leather Pant Pattern
LullabyElemental Silk Pant Pattern
DobbisEarring of Xaoth Kor
04/25/22PoTime - Phase 2 41
04/25/22PoTime - Phase 1
SpaideRing of Force
TorroPulsing Emerald Hoop
TaelorPulsing Emerald Hoop
04/24/22PoWater - Coirnav, The Avatar of Water (P3)
DwinElemental Leather Wrist Pattern
KiliElemental Chain Bracelet Pattern
SamiMail of Storms
StarshaElemental Silk Pant Pattern
ZyzzixEssence of Water
FoxboxxerHammer of Crushing Waves
04/24/22PoAir - Xegony, The Queen of Air
TigreeExquisite Puresteel Wraps
04/21/22PoTime - P5 Rallos Zek25%!42
04/20/22PoTime - P5 Bertoxxulous43%44
04/20/22PoTime - P4 Tallon Zek
BenzardenSerpent of Vindication
LenasWinged Storm Boots
SmudgeCirclet of Flowing Time
04/20/22PoTime - P4 Terris Thule
TorroHammer of Hours
MiyamotoVanazir, Dreamer's Despair
DarchonCape of Endless Torment
04/20/22PoTime - Phase 1
NorikuRing of Force
04/18/22PoTime - P5 Innoruuk 43
04/18/22PoTime - P5 Cazic Thule
SarafelleZealot's Spiked Bracer
VindicationWand of Impenetrable Force
ZivaMask of Simplicity
04/18/22PoTime - P4 Saryrn
TaelorEdge of Eternity
StarshaVeil of Lost Hopes
04/18/22PoTime - Phase 1
ZeliusSmooth Onyx Torque
KiliPulsing Emerald Hoop
NorikuPulsing Emerald Hoop
04/17/22PoTime - P4 Vallon Zek
TaelorHelm of Flowing Time
MikaylaShoes of Fleeting Fury
NeeaGlobe of Mystical Protection
04/17/22PoTime - Phase 3
VindicationTime Traveler's Abandoned Notebook
MechaikeElemental Leather Pant Pattern
ThucydidesFaceguard of Frenzy
ThucydidesElemental Greaves Mold
XorikElemental Greaves Mold
LenasElemental Chain Pant Pattern
BenzardenElemental Silk Pant Pattern
MikaylaElemental Leather Pant Pattern
04/17/22PoTime - Phase 2
BeldisCloak of Ferocity
ZivaGlowing Chains
GigistarTiny Jade Ring
SmudgeTiny Jade Ring
04/17/22PoTime - Phase 1
DonatelloPulsing Emerald Hoop
04/14/22ToSR - Solusek Ro
YummyummGold Runed Mithril Knife
DwinThe Orb of the Sun
04/14/22ToSR - Jiva
SenbusBlack Basalt Band
GorrokRune Etched Bamboo Bo
04/14/22ToSR - Arlyxir 47
04/14/22ToSR - Xuzl
DwinOrnate Leather Tunic Pattern
MechaikeOrnate Leather Tunic Pattern
04/14/22ToSR - Rizlona
YummyummOrnate Greaves Mold
04/14/22ToSR - The Protector of Dresolik 44
04/13/22PoTime - P4 Terris Thule
XorikVanazir, Dreamer's Despair
GadzooksArmguards of the Brute
DevourArmguards of the Brute
04/13/22PoTime - P4 Vallon ZekProgression Bonus44
04/13/22PoTime - P4 Tallon Zek
ExosBand of Prismatic Focus
TarkonMantle of Deadly Precision
ZyzzixMantle of Deadly Precision
04/13/22PoTime - Phase 1
VindicationMask of Conceptual Energy
MikaylaPulsing Emerald Hoop
FoxboxxerRing of Force
SmudgeMask of Conceptual Energy
04/11/22PoTime - P4 Vallon ZekProgression Bonus42
04/10/22PoTime - Phase 3
TarkonElemental Chain Pant Pattern
KiliElemental Chain Pant Pattern
XorikFiery Crystal Guard
04/10/22PoTime - Phase 2
WimpelCloak of Ferocity
04/10/22PoTime - Phase 1
AryavaWristguard of Keen Vision
BenzardenWristguard of Keen Vision
ZeliusPulsing Emerald Hoop
ZyzzixPulsing Emerald Hoop
04/06/22PoTime - P4 Saryrn
CadsuaneSymbol of the Planemasters
PollyShroud of Provocation
DonatelloTime's Antithesis
04/06/22PoTime - P4 Terris Thule
MechaikeCape of Endless Torment
DryflyCoif of Flowing Time
ThucydidesVanazir, Dreamer's Despair
04/06/22PoTime - P4 Tallon Zek
AryavaSerpent of Vindication
KiliBracer of Precision
04/06/22PoTime - Phase 1
TorroWristguard of Keen Vision
BeldisWristguard of Keen Vision
GigistarWristguard of Keen Vision
04/04/22PoTime - P4 Vallon Zek60%! Progression bonus44
04/04/22PoTime - Phase 1
UggersWristguard of Keen Vision
MikaylaWristguard of Keen Vision
04/03/22PoTime - P4 Vallon ZekProgression bonus44
04/03/22PoTime - Phase 3
WimpelMask of Strategic Insight
ThucydidesFiery Crystal Guard
MiyamotoElemental Greaves Mold
04/03/22PoTime - Phase 2
NorikuGirdle of Restoration
SamiCudgel of Wrecking
NeeaDrape of the Unending
SenbusGirdle of Restoration
04/03/22PoTime - Phase 1
SenbusRing of Force
StarshaWristguard of Keen Vision
03/30/22PoTime - P4 Vallon ZekProgression bonus42
03/30/22PoTime - P4 Tallon Zek
StarshaCloak of the Falling Skies
YearAmulet of Crystal Dreams
PollyAmulet of Crystal Dreams
03/30/22PoTime - Phase 1
RumielWristguard of Keen Vision
03/29/22PoTime - P4 Tallon Zek 49
03/29/22PoTime - P4 Saryrn
MechaikeRing of Evasion
SpaideShroud of Provocation
TigreeCap of Flowing Time
03/29/22PoTime - P4 Terris Thule
ThucydidesEarring of Corporeal Essence
SarafelleCape of Endless Torment
YearCoif of Flowing Time
03/29/22PoTime - Phase 1
MikaylaMask of Conceptual Energy
GorrokRing of Force
03/27/22PoTime - P4 Terris ThuleProgression bonus42
03/27/22PoTime - Phase 3
BeldisTime Traveler's Abandoned Notebook
DobbisEthereal Destroyer
KiliDagger of Distraction
ZyzzixElemental Leather Pant Pattern
03/27/22PoTime - Phase 2
MechaikeShield of the Vortex
TigreeGirdle of Restoration
DrudgerTiny Jade Ring
03/27/22PoTime - Phase 1
SmudgeWristguard of Keen Vision
YearPulsing Emerald Hoop
03/25/22BoT - Agnarr
BenzardenKarana's Tear
TarkonStormriders Gauntlets
03/25/22PoTorm - Saryrn 37
03/21/22PoWater - Krziik The Mighty
ExosGem Encrusted Axe
GorrokElemental Leather Wrist Pattern
03/21/22HoHb - Lord Mithaniel Marr
DarchonBlade of the Tempest
03/21/22HoH - Trial: Maidens 40
03/21/22HoH - Trial: Villagers 41
03/21/22HoH - Trial: Rydda`Dar 41