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Mission Statement

We believe that a guild can balance growth and progress with the values of fellowship, honor and skill. We find these qualities to be not only compatible, but necessary. We will settle for nothing less.


Temerity formed on the original Al'Kabor in the summer of 2003, shortly after the launch of Everquest for Macintosh. There our guild persisted for over ten years before the server sunset, recording over five thousand raids attended by nearly three hundred members. You can see some of the highlights of that journey in the news archives here.

In 2016, after a three-year hiatus, Temerity begins a new chapter in her story here on The Al'Kabor Project. Here's a look at what we've been up to recently.

Guild Philosophy

Temerity's goal is to be as good as we can be. As raiders, as guildmates, as citizens of the TAKP community. Integrity and competence are our watchwords, and we cultivate a membership that shares these values.

Ours is the reverse of the doctrine that the end justifies the means. There is no dragon we want to slay at any cost. We will grow and progress, but we will not grow to progress. Norrath offers challenges to a guild of any size. At any size, our guild's first concern is for the quality of the company we keep.

Temerity is a veteran guild dating back to the earliest days of Al'Kabor. Our methods have the weight of a long, successful history behind them. Navigating the unique and sometimes bizarre straits of a pre-tuned, vintage-2002 Planes of Power, we were the only guild ever to see Quarm on Al'Kabor. Our guild outlasted EQMac's WoW-launch exodus and its free-to-play influx. We have been tested and proven many times. Our structure can be counted on.

Guild Policies

We raid in the US evenings. Loot is distributed by a leadership council based on merit and fairness. Decisions are informed by our customized TPS database that meticulously tracks all attendance and all loot for every raid and every member. 

We are real-life-friendly, and do not have a minimum attendance requirement; however, Temerity is a raiding guild, and we expect members who are online to join guild raids when they are in progress.

Mains come before alts in our guild. No one in Temerity is required or expected to box, and boxing on our raids is strictly limited to what can be handled effectively. We would rather raid well with a modest force than poorly with a large and inattentive one.

Temerity members want to play the best game they can on the best server possible. As such, we do not exploit bugs. Members honor all rules and requirements of TAKP, our host server.