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Rainbow Dragon Petting Zoo!
Posted by: Mechaike - 09-23-2017, 11:44 AM - Forum: News - Replies (4)

Dragon Petting Zoo!

For today’s field trip we took a bus to North Temple of Veeshan.

The zoo keepers told us that dragons can be shy, and sleep a lot.  So the floor was liberally splashed with gnome entrails to tempt the dragons to appear and boy did they ever!

One wing of the zoo had these two:

Jorlleag snoozing
[Image: z4qmRr1.jpg]

Lady Nev tuckered out
[Image: shACG1P.jpg]

We walked to another wing, and saw three more.  One of them knew how to play peekaboo!

Sevalak sleepin
[Image: ECj8dUf.jpg]

Cekanar plays peekaboo Heart
[Image: XBmJ0OW.jpg]

[Image: qWifncL.jpg]
Peekaboo!!  Cekanar seems quite happy in this photo Big Grin

[Image: glQar4m.jpg]
Cry  this was worrying.  We did ask, and the petting zoo vet Dr. Slouch assured us that Cekanar’s jaws are ok.

Cekanar got tired though and eventually went to sleep too.
[Image: teO9Rk1.jpg]

Zlexak also asleep.
[Image: h73DXx5.jpg]

It was a great trip to see this half of the petting zoo, but these dragons seem quite lazy and sleep a lot.  That’s ok though!

Just another day of steamrolling NToV…

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  So comes snow after fire
Posted by: Ravenwing - 06-22-2017, 03:05 AM - Forum: News - Replies (5)

Or so a halfheight hero told me once.

[Image: Vulak.png]

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  BREAKING - Tragedy in Kael Drakkal
Posted by: Mechaike - 05-23-2017, 10:51 PM - Forum: News - Replies (3)

Norrathian terror group murders high ranking officials in Kael Drakkal
Associated Gnomepress (AG)

The TAKP terror organization locally referred to as "Temerity" recently swept into Kael Drakkal and eliminated high ranking local leaders one after another.  The slaughter even toppled the highest ranking official, The Avatar of War, marking a new era in giant genocide.

Local residents were stunned by the news.  Or perhaps more accurately, local residents were incapable of absorbing the information, and did not change their outlook or responses.

Graphic evidence was submitted by Temerity member Mechaike.  Trigger warnings: Giants, Giant dying, Pink link text, Guildchat, Complete Heal, CH, CH rotation.

[Image: WEigczA.png]

[Image: WtZPTdZ.png]

[Image: 63OL7WD.png]

[Image: ADoYnZr.png]

[Image: hw5Afcu.png]

Grats guild!  <3  I have some higher resolution photos saved.

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Posted by: Ravenwing - 04-21-2017, 01:01 AM - Forum: News - Replies (3)

Anyone for roast chicken?


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