Dopp, hello... app soon.
Hey guys, I'm just making this thread to say hello. I'm a lvl 55 evil gnome cleric and I will be applying to Temerity sometime very soon, very excited. I reached 55 last night and am currently working on my epic and getting those necessary clicky items.

Wemsler, Moulder, and Kept among many others have been really critical in helping me get this far in making 55, farming for silly things for me, and aiding with my stupid questions. Wemsler has recently given me a very large amount of reading material for clerics and raiding, and I've been scanning the forums today for useful articles to see how one prepares for end game content.

I can't wait to finally get this ball rolling. I'm on all the time so I'm sure I'll see you in game!

Nice to see another evil cleric looking to apply!
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chown -R us ./base
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Welcome Dopp Big Grin
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Hi Dopp! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Smile
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welcome to the forums, Dopp!
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Thx for popping in Dopp, looking forward to your app!

See you in Norrath,

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Are you related to this guy, by any chance?

Good to see ya Dopp. Look forward to seeing your app.

Soon our Gnomish take over will be complete.
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Hi Dopp! Looking forward to your app, until then make sure you catch us around raid time to see if there's anything on the menu that you can join in on!
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