If you need EMP key stuff reply here.

6/4/10 - Reset again - Added Ziva.
3/30/10 - Added Pankakes, Boost
3/30/10 - RESET. It appears everyone on the list either got their rift, or is no longer applying. PM me if I'm wrong and you should still be on the list!!!
3/9/10 - Updated Marlowe, Didgeridoo, Shanks, Sukik, and Near Status
3/8/10 - Added Marlowe, and Nickk
3/8/10 - Sent a PM to everyone on this list to find out if info is correct, or needs to be changed.
2/5/10 - Added Tigree, Boogs, Congrats all on insigs!
2/3/10 - Added Rakuel, Wookie, Foofanfoo, Visclere
2/2/10 - Added Jesua
1/30/10 - Added Nazule, Saww, Near Status
1/06/10 - RESET

Pouch Needed:

Comm1 Needed:

Comm2 Needed:

Insignia Needed:

Emp Kill Needed:


I still need Comm2 and the insignia.

need insignia and emperor kill !! woot

need comm1, comm2, insig, emp kill.

Just need insignia / emp kill. If any take place this week, would need to be boxed.

Update: Uursil received his comm2 ring today. I just need the insignia and Emp kill now.

Arugula, my alt needs Comm1 and Comm2. I hope the thread came be resurrected.
Wotan at your service!

I need insignia, pouch and emp kill (have comm1 & 2).

I AM keeping this list active. I have sent PM's to all newly applied members, and also existing people on the list to get updated information. All the information is accurate up to today, although I haven't received replies back from everyone, so I think there are a few people missing from the list that should be on it.

Add Wookie to the list for everything.
Wookie is just this guy, ya know.

I still lack Pouch, Comm 2, and Insignia

Thanks to Lextin, Saen and all the others who helped me get Comm 1 last week.

I'm always up for some Comm hunting, so let me know if anyone ever wants to head over.

I do not have mine either. I am up for a group whenever.

Pretty sure Vonpol and Vishnuu need this as well.

Bump - Please reply to this thread or PM me with updated info. I have a feeling that this list is becoming inaccurate.

Seems you are throwing alts on the list? You can add Kadaar to 'Insignia Needed:' please. Thanks to Rysia, he has all the other stuff.

Whenever i am on people who need this stuff can send me a tell and i can come and help you out. I know we don't really do that much Moon content anymore however VT is key. you wanna be able to raid vt after your emp kill so have shards and your container ready. as well as the thing that drops from most higher end named. if you still don't have it from our cursed runs we can most def get a group together for the guy or the 1st floor of ssra that drops RGC as i think the guild needs copies of that anyways or the dude in AR.

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