Xegony, the Queen of Air, Falls to Temerity!
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_01.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_02.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_03.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_04.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_05.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_06.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_07.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_08.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_09.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_10.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_11.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_12.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_13.jpg]
[Image: Tem_PoA_2010_14.jpg]

Yay! Grats guys! I'm sorry I couldn't stay until the end. Hopefully we will do it again soon though!

Wow now I'm disappointed I didn't stay up longer!! Hopefully we will kill her again soon. Great job to all!

I still can't believe we killed her. We only pulled her to test out how tough she was fully expecting to wipe for the night. Needless to say Farm Status!

/nod Oompah

That was the most fun and rewarding raid I can remember...I think ever. I mean, knocking on a Elemental Bosses door and taking her down the first attempt is unheard of. I was and still am in a state of shock.

Looks like Xegony is our new LIS Big Grin

So was she really that easy?

Yeah she was really that easy, though I did get early aggro and die :-(

I think I had some "perfect" timing on when MT was slowed and the early sinia probably didn't help either but got some new pants from the deal so that was cool...

By the way Red, great post but the item listed for me (not the right pants), should be....

[Image: 597.png]
Medicineman (65 Human Mith Marr Cleric), Twinblades (65 Dwarf Rogue), Rejected (65 Gnome Bertox Necro),
Cathbu (65 Halfling Karana Druid), Savmaster (65 Vah Shir Beastlord), Tenash Urteeth (65 Vah Shir Shaman),
Oben (65 Erudite Mage),

rats! sorry i missed my chance at this. stupid sleep Sad

Awe shucks I wish i woulda hung around a lil while longer but my ass was thru hope we kill her again soonish 8)

Was a long but very very productive raid, was tons of fun Smile. So awesome to now have her as a regular target now! Shinies for everyone!
[Image: 549.png]

Wife faction was falling and it was getting late. Regardless, It was an awesome win and glad that key is done

You guys should of said we where gonna finish with her..... everyone was saying we where just gonna take a look and park the necros. Rolleyes I guess 5 mins after I logged you guys engaged.

I don't think anyone expected to win. We pulled, and then it just kind happened.

Amazing raid last night. I fully expected we were going to wipe and come back later for realsies.

Sorry to the people who didn't make it Sad. Though on the plus side, farm farm farm!!

Congratulations y'all! So she's in the pre-buffed state many anticipated her to be in? :eek:

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