[Image: TEMERITY_Ginto_ServerFirst_01.jpg]
[Image: TEMERITY_Ginto_ServerFirst_02.jpg]
[Image: TEMERITY_Ginto_ServerFirst_03.jpg]
[Image: TEMERITY_Ginto_ServerFirst_04.jpg]
[Image: TEMERITY_Ginto_ServerFirst_05.jpg]
[Image: TEMERITY_Ginto_ServerFirst_06.jpg]
[Image: TEMERITY_Ginto_ServerFirst_07.jpg]

Thanks Red! Looks great!

Awesome job tonight Tem! That was a lot of fun to be apart of!
[Image: p6dj8.jpg]
If this were Rallos Zek I'd nuke you during the CH rot.
Near Daground - Druid
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Einnim - Mage

In the first pic, Ginto has an arrow stuck in his nose. Poor *^#!^ Tongue

It was an epic battle and one I was very proud to be a small part of. Props to the raid leaders too. They did a great job tonight.

Certainly one of the most fun and exhilerating raids I've been on in my entire EQ career.

I'm so proud to be a member of Temerity! Especially after nights like tonight! Excellent work, everyone!
[Image: 502.png]

Another day, another warlord. Wink

good job team!

So sad I missed this, damn you real life!

Grats everyone!
-Beld VanGuard
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[Image: 748.png]

Awesome job guys~ was a badass raid!

Like Lex, this was easily one of the top three raids I've ever enjoyed. Our First Fennin kill, our first Dust Ring kill, and now our first Ginto kill. The awesomeness was palpable.

Yeah, this was an outstanding raid, and we had maybe a mid-50's raid force?!? It is amazing what you can do with less when you pay close attention to detail!

Grats to all, it was a team win - a very exciting team win at that!

Forest Stalker Thiklan Ghengis
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[Image: ThiklanFinal.jpg]

Gratz guys!
Wookie is just this guy, ya know.

Awesome Job Tem!

So glad I could come be a part of this!
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Such a fun raid to be a part of Smile
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Tems!! I knew I would wake up to see this great news! So glad I was part of attempt 1, but I'm feeling better and so the rest was definitely needed. Maybe I could have taken care of the 2% if I were there though :p

Great job everyone! I can't wait to start smacking around the Rathe!
Terr Ible Wizard MacGelo

I was super impressed by everyone's efforts. We continued to adapt - every member of the raid force found ways to improve on every attempt. We all knew after that second go that it was doable, and the third time, it wasn't even close - just an amazing show last night guys. What comes out of that smashing victory is that it won't simply take a lucky shot - we can control that fight. You all deserve it. Two more events to go!

Terr Wrote:Maybe I could have taken care of the 2% if I were there though :p

you were already unanimously voted the reason we lost attempt #2 Smile

Amazing event to have been a part of. Cant wait for more!
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