A Bard, a Shadowknight and a God walk into a bar...
Last night I popped into PoHate hoping to farm some gems and get rich. Delorne was already in the zone scouting around for minis and killing trash. I grouped up with him to clear trash for plat since we both had nothing better to do. All of the minis were down, but Innorruuk was up on Del's track. We decided to clear up to his quarters and make a joke of an attempt at duoing him (no healer, little DPS and support... hah! It could never happen).

At first we had trouble finding Inny. The people who were previously in the zone had left him somewhere besides his home. We ran around searching for him until I felt that punch of a knockback gflux and had first aggro. The first attempt at Inny was disastrous. We got him down to 97% before I had to feign him off. We simply weren't prepared for the engage and didn't know what to expect.

After the initial encounter we tried a few different ways of pulling him so that he would be bard slowed before I engaged. We spent plenty of time trying different strategies but pathing troubles were proving difficult. Eventually we just said f* it and I pulled him to the south wall of the zone, tanking him at engage and hoping for a quick slow.

We got it...

Inny shortly after engage:
[Image: EQ000006.jpg]

A quarter of the way through. Things are going smoothly:
[Image: EQ000008.jpg]

We picked up an add at about 50%, and Del kept it locked down while twisting 7 other songs. At about 40% we popped a trap with some imp adds and had to quickly dispatch them. Things were a bit rough at this point:
[Image: EQ000010.jpg]

Unfortunately, the extra burden of the adds proved too difficult to recover from. I'm certain without them, we would have been standing over Inny's corpse.

I consider this one of my most successful failures in EQ. A bard and an SK duod a god down to 35% and he needed his friends to help finish us off!

My only photographical contribution to this thread:

[Image: 2448482-pg2l.png]

This fight is like facing a hasted Phinigel with a Gflux and about 100k more hp.

So awesome..!

Hey Dwin!

Our turn!
[Image: cUfeQ.jpg]

Wulfgar 52 Warrior....frolicking in PoFire!

chown -R us ./base
[Image: 1874700.png]
[Image: 3656981.png]

Thats awesome!
[Image: p6dj8.jpg]
If this were Rallos Zek I'd nuke you during the CH rot.
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Cool, good stuff guys!

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[Image: ThiklanFinal.jpg]

Damnit, I love trying this stuff

I need to get back heh.

Del, we still need to kill Yelinak =p
-Beld VanGuard
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[Image: 748.png]

Very rad. Wish I could have been there.

Awesome stuff guys!
[Image: qs4a.jpg]

Beld VanGuard Wrote:Del, we still need to kill Yelinak =p


Very Awesome Guys! makes me Miss EQ more lol!

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