Highlights of the last decade
It's been a blast. Share your stories and screenies. I've lost a bunch over the many years due to dead hardware, but some of the goodies survive Smile

[Image: filthybardalts.jpg]

[Image: screwscream.jpg]

[Image: nydiistasty.jpg]

[Image: poledances-1.jpg]

[Image: perfectpet-1.jpg]

[Image: panic.jpg]

[Image: janribetcontractkiller.jpg]

[Image: hairywoodelf-1.jpg]

[Image: EQ000437-1.jpg]

[Image: meaty.jpg]

[Image: ytpsLxcz]

[Image: au4M7I3k]
[Image: 5.png]

The High Priest cycle in CoD was rough...

[Image: njgXyDb.jpg]

[Image: BppsgwN.jpg]

Even early on, we had Bazaar drama and recruitment drama

[Image: GF8FkIk.jpg]

[Image: NMWQSB3.jpg]

The grind of Luclin was made easier by the magic of Peter Gabriel

[Image: t7ppFoc.jpg]

As far as fantastic bugs, this is by far the best fake item EVER

[Image: Wqx9eqB.jpg]

Few things were off limits (that's me as Clay)

[Image: pkvssyc.jpg]

[Image: Kiq3bAV.jpg]

[Image: IO0z1Pt.jpg]

[Image: NbItCwa.jpg]

[Image: zzQBJfj.jpg]

Money was put to good use

[Image: YRjNU7g.jpg]

Most of these screenies just happened to be saved because there was information somewhere I was trying to hold onto (places to level, good item infos, etc). I wish I had more, but here is what I could find from my brief time with you goofers.

Gotta get that OTB
[Image: otb.jpg]

Bro'd out
[Image: Miyabrodout.jpg]

My first raid in wawa, discussing the merits of wawa mobs resisting cold spells
[Image: wawa.jpg]

Potayto, Potahto
[Image: porn.jpg]

Darchon does not have warts...
[Image: whenDarchSaysToME.jpg]

While I would never hurt my Zeli-dawg, I would document defeating him in a duel and tell errybody about it. Proof:
[Image: zelius.jpg]
- Tes


In order of awesome...

1. 1st Rathe kill
2. Time Phase 5 for the first time (even if it was flukey)
3. 1st Pre-Nerf Ginto
4. 1st Coirnav
5. 1st Avatar of Dust
6. 1st Fennin
7. Soloing a bunch of shit
8. Almost trio-ing Inny with Saen
9. Every Vulak
10. Becoming an officer

Honorable mentions: Trio-ing JunkBeast with Pithy (And almost wiping in the process!), Trio-ing Swarmlord with Beld, trying boxing for the first time and 5-boxing VD, finishing Greenmist/Whistling Fists solo, Trio-ing Dracoliche with Zygor (And kiting Draco for close to 20mins!), 1-grouping VP

Best time ever was Glimii looking out for me and helping me play in PoM some im glad I got to experience this zone again and for his assistance with it im grateful.
Tak 60 Beastlord Dobbis


Some of my favorite memories from the last 4~ years

1. The first Rathe Council kill
2. Getting Nayr his epic (I never completed it PC side)
3. Any duel (still undefeated!)
4. Shard camping The Deep with Illicit and Rysia -- we spent hours there trying to get Portia a shard and Nayr a shard, it wasn't fun, but the conversation that night was hilarious. Miss you both.
5. Entering VP for the first time ever and realizing I couldn't gate out.
6. Bragon and I's banter -- I really love to hate you fat ass.
7. /shielding Bragon on our first VZ kill and having the first useful warrior alt ever.

There are so many memories created here that I'm certain I'll recall from time to time. There isn't much that I didn't get to complete or do on this server that had alluded me on Rallos Zek so for that I am grateful. Many of my accomplishments wouldn't have been achieved without the help of many Temerity guild mates. Thanks for all of the fun!
[Image: p6dj8.jpg]
If this were Rallos Zek I'd nuke you during the CH rot.
Near Daground - Druid
Gooseybear Stinkybottom - Beast
Einnim - Mage

1. Our 1st rathe kill
2. when me and raven and some random monk did aid asrk before we had gear and alts and were barley 65http://www.temerityguild.org/forums/show...ank-you-s! http://www.temerityguild.org/forums/show...hank-you-s!
3. Late night fun, wipes and hyper complicated corpse runs with Rholo, Raven, Nydi Moulder, Rysia, Zygor and others I am sure I am forgetting.
4. First Ginto kill
5. Being a part of so many server 1st. Fennin, Dust ring, Rathe, pretty much every elemental mini.
6. Raid stuff where ridiculous stuff wiped us. Redleaf or me exodusing our groups, the MT announcing AFK and no one saying anything. Red training us on llm.
7. All the temheals banter.
8. Dust ring
9. The hilarity of our broken server. How many times in PoA did it end with the officers saying " Nice work everyone some named should have been trigered but that didn't happen so we'll call it a night"
10. all the guildchat and temheals banter

I wish I took more pictures over the years! But here I have a few to share. Click on any for a full size version.

January 2004. In the good old days, everyone's first raid was Lodi, of course. Here is an open raid probably sponsored by the Horde. I have no idea why I have those really silly buffs.

[Image: EQ000021.png]

June 2004. At this point I was a happy member of the Horde. I leveled up a couple other characters on this account, including a wizard some of you might recognize. I traveled to iceclad for some quading, when I bumped into this insane cleric from an uber guild trying to solo Lodi. Alas, she failed (too much stun).

[Image: EQ000056.png]

July 2004. The Horde was formed by a very charismatic played called Taarguld. At this point he was ready to retire from EQ, and gave a very poetic goodbye speech by torchlight. I am sitting in the center with my back to the screen. To my left is Saenayil.

It's so strange that after nearly 10 years, I can name most everyone in this unlabeled picture just by their grainy silhouettes.

[Image: EQ000079.png]

March 2005. Soon after enlisting in Temerity, I joined a raid to ST. I should mention that from the early days of the game, I figured I would be happy if I manage to succeed at two goals before leaving: getting my epic, and visiting the sleeper. Here Kyth is encouraging me to look around and explore.

[Image: EQ000093.png]

May 2005. The first Emp kill. Need I say anything more?

[Image: EQ000115.png]

June 2005. First kill of AHR. Yeah, VT didn't last too long under our assault, it was disappointingly easy.

[Image: EQ000125.png]

August 2005. Another kill of AHR. This is the source of my avatar picture on this site. Also note that uber secret channel that no one is supposed to talk about.

[Image: EQ000129.png]

One last word: very few people on the server know my actual RL identity. But I've now given that identity away for anyone clever enough to decode the links to these pictures.

Here's my Top 10 List and just a couple screenies for now. I might post more because I have first HoH entrance, yes that was me that got in first when I took a wrong turn and clicked. I also have some PoFear picts of killing Tunare which are groupable these days.

Starsha's Top 10
1. 1st Rathe kill
2. Seeing Quarm for the first time
3. First Aten Ha Ra kill (back before I had kids and could stay up until 2 AM)
4. 1st Coirnav
5. Getting my Aid Grimel quest done
6. Cyber with so many hawt toons!
7. Learning a new vocabulary (not because Leisure corrected me either: Uber, fucktard, fuckwittery, dirty sanchez, a$$hat, Leroy Jenkins, bargle, and so many more colorful phrases)
8. Having someone pay me 40pp a stack for Heady Kiola
9. Getting my epic done only to be extremely disappointed. But the times I spent with Thiklan hunting Quillmane and many times with guildies in PoHate and PoSky were awesome.
10. The people I've met through Al`Kabor and the people I haven't met in person but mean the world to me.

[Image: tom2.jpg]
[Image: quillmane.jpg]

Hot Temerity Tanks
[Image: TemButts.jpg]

Of course my undying love for Wotan and his fuzzy feet
[Image: wotan-starsha-avelyn.jpg]

Where's that last one, Starsha? With the canoe?

I guess this is my list:

10. Starting on this server as a Necro 5 years ago swearing I wouldn't play a Cleric and then finishing playing 5
9. This one time Darchon and I wiped in Tactics (he will remember)
8. All the offnight grouping (especially that time Krahl did a marvelous job kiting Tables)
7. That time Neea went LD because an owl was sitting in front of her satellite dish
6. Meeting my former fiancé Huffwins and then making him help me with every shard of my VT key, my epic, my bard's epic, about 300AA, etc. (thank you and I still owe you)
5. Ader sending me this tell (it was followed by a quick apology):
[Image: gpzrgIu.png]
4. Seeing Quarm for the first Time
3. The wonderful Temerity members I enjoyed meeting
2. Out of game friendships and experiences (Juice, Lass, Oreh, Maxi, and hopefully some CHI folks soon)
1. Has not happened yet, but my wedding to Lassua and our everlasting honeymoon on the beaches of Tranquility where we will peacefully watch the sunset over ocean
[Image: Zy1HDUD.png]

Polly Wrote:Where's that last one, Starsha? With the canoe?

Not sure where Avelyn created it exactly (kind of looks like VT with water). I just know he did it as a tribute of the love Wotan and I have for each other. I think he did a fantastic job too!!

Ah, lets see...

I've mentioned it before, but Creator first kill is still my favorite raid. So close to wiping for so long and we pulled it off with none of the regular PC vets there to tell us how the encounter was supposed to work...

Rathe first kill was awesome, though I wasn't there for all the learning attempts, so it didn't have the same impact for me as most of the others who have mentioned it.

NToV on Taupau's purple iMac (G3/400) with 8meg of VRAM when my laptop was out of commission. No terrain textures loaded, so it looked like everything was ice and snow, and the UI at 800x600 leaves a really small viewport...

The first LGuk clear when Nifurn got the server first FBSS on the first frenzied kill. I don't think anyone from that group is still playing, I remember Denuo and Rowan were there, but the last two party members elude me.

First Justice Trial. Kyth has a video posted somewhere.

Melee killing a Giant with no heals or other spells after I got a proc staff from NToV.

So many amazing groups. It was a real joy to level up on this server with such great people.
-- Bastette of Ysera
-- Bastette of Al'Kabor

My greatest achievement was making my bindpoint be The Disc and having to warp back to the PoT stone any time I wanted to go anywhere.

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