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(06-22-2017, 04:51 PM)Saenayil Wrote: /bump

How are we looking these days?

We have a little script that regularly updates and publishes our active roster based on attendance. See this thread. The roster, with classes and levels, is over here.
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hmmmmm  Huh

what class should i play?

thinking about enchanter, rogue, wizard. open to other suggestions as well.,
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Corbalicious! Welcome home, gnomestar. Play whatever tickles yer pickle. Enc, rog and wiz are all knockout choices. If you're on the fence and wanna fill a void, take a peek at the active roster.
Slouch, fattoknight
formerly Pithy, gnooligan

Corba! Welcome back dude. We are light on ench rog wiz but if you are going to box you might want to avoid rogue.

Just spit balling but maybe bst/clr/flex? Solid tanking, slows, buffs, dps, and pet with bst, heals and rezzes with cleric so you can solo effectively, third slot is flexible, maybe bard or ench for mana regen and crowd control? Or a mage for more pet dps, summoned toys, CoH, etc? Or wiz for nukes and ports?

Welcome back Corba! Play whatever sounds fun to you, but just do it in a Naggy hat.
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i probably won't box, at least not for a little while until i get settled.
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WB Corba !
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Welcome back we definitely could use more beasts but whatever is fun to play is the right answer.
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Good to see you again Corba! As others have stated, play what makes you happy. While many people box, me included, I tend to only play one on raids or sometimes I play someone else's mage during difficult events.

I hope to see you online soon!

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