Hi guys`
Hey guys its Perrin! Long time no see!!! 
How is it possible that you guys are still playing? I would love to get involved but not really sure how/where to start.

Hey Perrin, good to hear from ya! The server works on both mac and PC, and there are some pretty good guides out there.

This wiki should have everything you need: http://wiki.takp.info/index.php?title=Getting_Started

Hey Saen good to see ya! I finally figured it out and am now playing ! 
Character name is Perin (one R) not Perrin.. Someone stolez my name apparently! 

Cant wait to catch up with you all in game. 

If youre lookin for me ill be in the newb zones probably. Tongue

Good to see you back Perrin!  Yeah unfortunately someone in I think Destiny or Austerity went full-on Wheel of Time, so Perrin is already taken (along with Cadsuane, to further confusion).  Hope to see you more ingame!

Hi Perrin! Great to hear from you again. Sorry I missed a tell from you today on Auvry - I've had him AFK singing mana in PoK while I worked on an alt's casting skills.

I can't wait to see you in game Perin with one R!

Thanks for the warm welcome all! Its good to be back! Cant wait to ink all over Bragon! 
oh Starsha, what a pleasure to hear from you again! can't wait to see the muse herself in game!  Heart

It was awesome seeing you in Freeport, Perr-bear. Hit me up anytime!

Got back my old account on here thanks to rw! Good to see you as well del!
Perin  Perrin Goldeneyes 
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(02-20-2017, 02:31 PM)Perrin Wrote: Got back my old account on here thanks to rw!  Good to see you as well del!

I don't know how established the fake Perrin ( and Cadsuane ) are, but sometimes GMs will give names back to those who were on Al'Kabor.  It might be worth petitioning.  ( Unless that is what you mean by "got back my old account" ? )

/hug Perrin !
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Sassis "the lazy" Frassis ikkymonk here. Hope all is well. After my last outing with the guild in San Diego after the loss of Rysia, I kinda stop playing. Life is good, alive and kickin'

(Winsor IRL)

You Sass!! and Neea!!! 
Amazing to hear from you both! 

Glad to hear you guys are doing well!
Perin  Perrin Goldeneyes 
The pInking'Gnomerlord & Short-Bus Operator


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