hello everyone :)
Its your old pal Jerumiah!  Yall will see me slowly leveling up Jerumiah again on and off.  Miss old EQmac, went to train my gnome cleric of brell in Kaladim yesterday and had a heart attack when I was dubious to the guild there...sigh, but I know they are trying.

Server still seems fun, see you guys when I'm 60 :Smile (Though I have not even decided what I will "main" at this point, for first toon figured i'd stick with what I had before, mage/cleric).

Hey Jeru! Welcome home, brother.
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Hey man! welcome back.

Hey Jeru,

Welcome back! If you see me on, don't hesitate to ask for buffs Smile

Woo welcome back Jer! If you see Near in game pst and I'll buff ya up and what not!
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If this were Rallos Zek I'd nuke you during the CH rot.
Near Daground - Druid
Gooseybear Stinkybottom - Beast
Einnim - Mage

Hope you can get your bag desync problem worked out.
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I hope to see you online soon! It's good to see long time peeps come back to TAKP!

Hey dude, welcome back!

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