I was in Destiny from November of 2010 until today and I am hoping to get the opportunity to apply to Temerity. I know a few of you from Destiny Neea, Tarkon, Senbus, Pithy, Ravenwing, Starsha are a few that come to mind. I am quiet and tenacious. I enjoy tradeskills and keying. Currently I have 8 VP keyed characters and I plan to get at least that many VT keyed too. I have raided as a cleric main, but my warrior has also been my favorite character. On AK, Theus and Reguluss each had over 500 AAs almost all of them from pulling at fiends. I started many fiends groups with my cleric warrior combo. I never once shakerpaged. In fact, I hated shakerpaging so much that I refused to get the AA needed for shakerpaging.

Here, I do not have any AAs yet, it is not possible, but I do have a 200 plus tradeskiller for baking, brewing, smithing, jewel crafting, pottery, tailoring, fishing, and poison making. Also, I have researchers for enchanter, magician and necromancer. I do all tradeskills except alchemy and wizard research. Currently, my focus is getting tailoring higher, only 205 ATM. I want to be able to make haversacks once they are available to be made.

Seven of my characters are 60 already so I do not xp much. But my necromancer is only 55 so I could group with you to get to know you on my necro. Also, I am PLing a ranger who is 15th level ATM; I want a trackbot. Or I could help you with your shawl (I ran out of my own characters to get the shawl for), I have 6 characters who have completed the eighth shawl, so I consider myself an expert. Also, one of my 6 went and got a second 7th shawl so I can MQ the 8th shawl for others. Any please seek me in game and I hope to get to know you all and to find a couple of sponsors.

Sorry, I forgot, you can find me in game on Hana, Verdah, Theseus, Haleakala, Keiolani, Knossos, Asolo, or Nalani.

Hi Theus. Great to see your post. Our next raid is tonight 8 pm EST then Tuesday 8 pm EST.
Tarkon - Rogue
Tarkonia - Cleric
Siman - Enchanter
Member of Temerity

Theseus is the Original " Tenacious T " !

I am jealous of his 'toons, his tradeskills, his ability to run multiple characters !

I know this must have been a wrench to leave, but I think you will find a warm welcome here. Don't let Pithy talk you out of all your available shawl MQs just because he hates to break a sweat blacksmithing !
Neea Cleric
Zneea Wizardess
Gnomeo Gnome

Hey thes

Thank you for the welcome Tarkon, Neea and Faults. Starsha has offered to sponsor me, so I just need one more sponsor and I will be able to apply for membership. Thank you for the raid tonight, it was fun. I liked having to count the chain, I have not had to do that since AK. I learned that I am able to count all the way up to six if I have to.

Nice having you tonight, Theus!

Happy to see you on the boards! I hope you are able to find a second sponsor soon! I know you were vital in me getting keyed for VP and you made it seem so simple!

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