Iksar Child Tear
Hey Tems,

I see you have CT this rot and was wondering (if you guys did not need it) if I could grab the shaman epic mob in fear on your next CT raid. I promise I'll stay out of the way and will just swoop in whenever the time is convenient for it. Would be greatly appreciated if there is no Tem use for it. 

My main is Yarnz, I'm also often on Droodly, Korol, and Yarnee.

I'll check forums ocassionally for a reply if I don't catch an officer in game. No big deal if its not possible to grab either, just checking.

All the best,


We'd offer the tear to guildmates first, but I don't think anyone needs one currently.

So while I can't make any promises, there's a good chance you'd be welcome to a tear on our next CT raid, which will be next Tuesday, the last night of the reset.

We raid at 8 PM EDT, and even if the golems end up dying before raid time, I imagine the Iksar Child would be left up.

Awesome! Thank you! I'll be there just in case! Thanks again!

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