Syphie Application
1. Who are your sponsors? (You must have two, they must have agreed to do it, and they must be full member

Tigree and Sarafelle

2. How do you know each of your sponsors?

Through grouping and chatting in game/forums.

3. What is the name, level, race and class of your primary main character? Paste in the link to your TAKP magelo.

Syphie Luss, 58 Barbarian Beastlord.

4. What is your handle on the TAKP forums?


5. List your shrink and EB items, as well as your means of casting gate, invis, and levitate if applicable. Do you have an insta-clicky?

As a BL, I can self-shrink, lev, and invis. I have a worker's sledgemallet, as well as potions of bone field and everfrost. I do not currently have an insta-clicky. I'm wearing a Lodi shield for EB.

6. What alts do you have (name/class/level)?

Jessies Girl - Cleric, 56
Ripwind Syphpox - Enchanter, 54
Year Wasted - Bard, 53
Sicca Dyin - Magician, 51 

7. What time zone do you live in, and what is your typical play schedule?  

Central. Usually 8p-11p CST.

8. Where and when have you played EQ prior to TAKP? If you played on Al'Kabor, tell us your character names, when you were active, and what guild(s) you were in. 

I played regularly on Project 1999 up until about 2 years ago when I came here.

9. Have you been in other guilds on TAKP? If so, why did you leave?

I was in Destiny up until recently. I took a long hiatus, and when I came back, many folks seemed to have left to join Temerity. Most of the people I played with at the time appear to have retired.

10. Describe your previous EQ raiding experience. What classes have you played on raids?

I've played a 60 Mage in most classic/Kunark content. My experience with Velious is limited to what little I remember from classic. I played on Druzzil Ro back in the olden days as Ripwind, a human druid, and Syphie Luss, a DE Necromancer.

11. Why do you want to join Temerity?

I've met a lot of great folks and am looking to join a guild with an established raid schedule that fits my availability.

12. What do you expect out of EverQuest -- why do you play?

I've played a ton of other MMOs over the last 20ish years, and nothing has really captured the magic I felt when I was playing classic EQ. I guess that's why I keep coming back to EMUs!

13. Anything else you want us to know?

I'm just a family guy from Wisconsin. Wife, two kids, dog and cats. I'll probably make a ton of mistakes, but I try to only make them once. Thanks for listening!

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