Donatello Application
Hi everyone, Donatello, level 60 ogre shaman here. Ok here we go...

1. My sponsors are Optt and Foxboxxer

2. Optt is a good RL friend of mine and Foxboxxer and I grouped together on our way to 60.

3. Name: Donatello level 60, ogre, shaman.

4. My TAKP handle is jamckeon88 I believe.

5. As a shaman I can cast shrink. I don't currently have an EB item but I will pick one up ASAP. I can cast gate, invis, and levitate.

6. My alts are Harold 60 mage, and Mooshfu 60 SK.

7. Time zone: EST, and my play schedule is kind of in flux right now so its hard to say. I play as often as I can though. I cannot, and will not be able to play past 11:00 EST however. That much I know

8. I played EQ growing up on Bristlebane and again on Al'kabor. On Al'kabor I had a 65 monk, druid, and ench. I think that was around 2009-2010 or so. I don't recall what guild I was in sadly.

9. I have not been in other guilds on TAKP. I've only just started playing here one month ago.

10. I have very little raiding experience, sadly enough. It's always been something I wanted to do but I was a little too young to be raiding on Bristlebane, and on Al'kabor the server shut down not too long after I hit 65 on my characters. Although I did raid a little on my monk on AK.

11. Aside from wanting to be in the same guild as my RL buddy... I've always wanted to raid in EQ, ever since I was a kid, and Temerity seems like the guild to be in to accomplish that.

12. I play Everquest because I enjoy the grind, and have always wanted to raid. I always idolized the raid-geared characters when I was growing up. Now I'd like to be one of those people =P. That, and overall it's just a fun game to me.

13. I'd like to apologize for coming to the Tunare raid last week unprepared. During the raid I got focus, and right after the raid I picked up talisman of the brute, so I can properly buff people who ask me now =)

A proper (i.e., ogre) shaman, friends with Optt+Foxxx, and named after great cartoon character? Check, check, and CHECK!

If you are in need of an EB item I can give you a Lodi shell (it has some not-awful stats for your back slot, will cost you 500pp? and a trip to CS to make into a shield).

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Goooood! Nice to see you finally put the app in! Hope to see you at more raids soon!

Were you Donatello the monk back on AK? If so, welcome back!
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Hello again. Talked some at the POG raid and got you into the debuff channe. Feel free to ask me any questions in game or PM -- though I'm generally only on for raids.
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(05-06-2018, 11:23 PM)Miyamoto Wrote: Were you Donatello the monk back on AK? If so, welcome back!

Yes Miyamoto, I was an iksar monk back then :)

Good shit! Happy to see the app, welcome me old mucka
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