Wizat Application post
Hello all 57 wizard applying to join you all on your many adventures.

Now on to the details:

1.  My two sponsors are Neea and Smudge.

2.  I know Neea as I was in a guild with her for years back on Druzzil`Ro back in 2000s.  I know Smudge from my time on this server where we have chatted various times and gotten the opportunity to group (and gotten to see the destructive capacity of a lvl 60 mage).

3.  My Main character is Wizat, level 57 human wizard.  My TAKP Magelo is Wizat Profile 

4.  My Handle on TAKP forums is Wizat.

5.  I have 10 dose ant's potion for shrink and a fisherman's earing for eb.  I have jboots as an insta-clicky.

6.  I currently do not have any alts I am playing as I have been focusing on getting Wizat raid worthy.

7.  I live in the United States Central Time Zone.  Currently my play time is huge as I am between programming contracts (something like 6 am to 10 pm) as I push to 60.  I should have no problem being available for 6pm and later raids and staying on as long as needed during the week.  Quite flexible for weekend raids.

8. I played the vast majority of the time on Druzzil`Ro where I was in a top raiding guild.  I have tried out P99 and Shards of Dalaya but neither really worked for my classic wishes (and eqclassic despite my watching and being involved for a decade clearly wasn't going to launch so I hunted around and found TAKP).

9.  I have not been a part of any TAKP guilds.

10.  I have done a large number of raids particularly in the earliest EQ days (I started on day 1 live and played heavily for years) I was part of the earliest raids on many of the classic, kunark, velious and luclin zones.  I have focused on a wizard during this time and not done any serious raiding with other characters.

11.  I want to join Temerity to enjoy being a guildee with many of the wonderful members who I have met and gotten to play with.  I enjoy the precision required of high end raiding and want that challenge again.  I am used to long and painstaking work in order to succeed.

12.  I play EverQuest in order to experience a world with a great deal of depth and to share that experience with friends who pull together to overcome obstacles and make the gameplay more enjoyable.

13.  I am grateful to the wonderful players of this guild and the server as a whole for making this the best experience by far for playing.  I look forward to many years on the server and am in awe of how well the game has been managed here and the way the server's goals match with the type of environment and progress I seek (all the henchman. gem slots and endless expansions of live were a big put off to me).  I intend to do my best to keep the server and the guild as friendly and cooperative as what I have seen so far.


Wizat Department of Transportation & Destruction

I approve of this application!
Neea Cleric
Zneea Wizardess
Gnomeo Gnome

Yay Wizat!
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I'm glad you're finally able to apply. I've enjoyed chatting with you so far and I look forward to getting to know you better!

Sawp Wizat! Glad to see your application.

I have only one question. Why aren't you a gnome?

You could look like this guy:
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