Well Hello
Hey everyone.

With Luclin right around the corner I was hoping I would of gotten around to this sooner but finding myself looking for a guild.  Been playing pretty casual since server launched and mainly kept to myself  and leveled my trio to 60 a while back (Bst/clr/sk) and after hitting 60 kind of fizzling out due to lack of raiding/RL responsibilities.

Mainly been killing time till Luclinleveling an Enc/Dru as back up buff and port bots.

I was Dravingar on P99 or Fifey on the FoH boards, if any of the old IB/TR crew is around.

Hello Ephed!

Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Hope to see you around in game.

Hi fifey!
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The name is so familiar. Were you elsewhere as well?

(07-19-2018, 03:48 PM)Faults Wrote: The name is so familiar. Were you elsewhere as well?

I was on Alkabar after the PC hack and was part of whatever TR was called in the formation, leveled and raided with them up to velious and came back again near the end of AK.  Was a halfling druid/paladin.

A talking druid/paladin named ..... ?
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perhaps - were you ephed anywhere else - no pun intended.

Sup Fifey
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