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Hello Temerity! Submitting my application to the guild now that I have been thoroughly hooked into old habits. Played on Povar from original launch through mid Luclin. After a short break, returned and raided heavily through Planes of Power completing PoTime consistently. Left the game sometime in Omens of War. Theoclea and Drudger suggested I checkout TAKP as I loved the more difficult early days of EQ before they started trying to compete with WoW. Currently been on TAKP Server for roughly 3 months. Below info per forum application. 

1. Sponsors are Theoclea and Drudger.
2. They are both friends in RL.
3. Main character is Aryava - 59 High Elf Enchanter
4. TAKP Forum Handle is Boramek
5. Knotted Turtlebone Ring is EB item - no shrink item, have a pocket druid for levitate. No Insta-Clicky other than Jboots.
6. First Main is Boramek 58 Dwarven Paladin, my 3rd is Aryavyne, 55 Wood Elf Druid. I regularly play these 3 as my main box setup. Have recently started a war/cleric/mage trio but have not put much time into them yet.
7. I live in Eastern Time Zone, GMT -5. I work Mon-Friday so my usual times are after dinner until midnight on weekdays, later on weekends. Depending on schedule I can also be on during weekend days.
8. I played on Povar server through Omens of War originally. Raided Heavily in Classic/Kunark/Vel/PoP. Missed a lot of Luclin raid content due RL schedule. Raided heavily again in PoP completing PoTime. I have played a few official progression servers through Kunark which is what led to Drudger and Theoclea suggesting I try TAKP. These are my first characters on TAKP.
9. No other guilds on TAKP.
10. Paladin was my main through Povar and have most of my raiding experience with that class. Have never played Enchanter in a raid setting but have been in enough raid settings to understand and can follow orders. Also raided with Wiz/Sham/Mage and have played most classes at least until 60 on Povar.
11. I want to make friends on a new server while taking on the hardest and most challenging content.
12. EQ was by far my favorite game growing up so I was very excited when they told me about the concept of this server. I enjoy the adventure, the gratification of completing a longer quest or defeating a mob that you have never beaten before. This game is so massive that even with years of playtime on my Povar main, there are still elements I haven't experienced. Being able to do that, at a pace more suitable for an adult life has been great to experience. The only piece that has been missing as bright green text blowing up my chat boxes when I log in.
13. My work schedule can be pretty hectic. I play pretty routinely, but about 1 week a month I am extremely busy and getting on for a significant period of time can be difficult. It's routine and only impacts 3 or 4 nights that week.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Feel free to /tell in game.


Nice I originated from Povar, welcome to takp!
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I approve this message.

Welcome, Aryava! Hope to see you around soon.

Have you made any progress on your VT key yet? If not, I'd be happy to help with some camps.

We were working on Comm1 this morning, with no luck.
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Welcome aboard! I look forward to meeting you.

If this is the guy that I grouped with in SolB in my rogue days.. I heartily approve this message !
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What guild on Povar?

Well met - let me know if you ever need help.

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See you in game!

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(12-29-2018, 10:58 PM)Fiora Wrote: What guild on Povar?

Forces Unknown was my raiding guild primarily. Bounced around a few. Angels of (Fire/Heaven) depending on what guild power struggle you went with. And then some smaller ones with every return to Norrath.

Key Update - Comm1 and 2 done for all 3 toons. Bags next, then insignias. Paladin is 60 now. See you all in game.

I was on povar as well unkempt forces. good to see you around. Theoclea and drudger are good peoples.

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