Haute couture madness sweeps across Norrath
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Haute couture madness sweeps across Norrath
---Associated Free Wood Elf Press
It’s been some time since the embargo was lifted between Norrath and Luclin.  We traveled around the world to get a feel for what changed for our citizens.  I saw many screenshots and the corresponding stories and about vacations, mission trips, and special booze.  What was surprising is that nearly everyone talked about fashion.
Luclin has its fair share of exclusive fashion destinations, but there are two notably difficult to access boutiques- Ssraeshza Temple (Emperor’s room), and Vex Thal.
Apparently getting access to the room where the magic happens in Ssraeshza Temple involves extensive effort to get not one or two, but FOUR key parts to buzz you into the room.  Even after you buzz in, the designer, Emperor Ssraeshza has a team of bouncers and assistants that have to be distracted for long periods in order for you to shop in peace.
I could hardly believe what people were saying.  This sounded like an absurd amount of effort for clothing.  So I went to see what I could learn about Vex Thal.
Vex Thal is a sort of fashion resort with over a dozen designers tucked away in the middle of nowhere, with strict demands for entry.  Not only do you have to already be a patron of Emperor Ssraeshza, but you also must gather trinkets from across the moon to create yet another key!  Despite the barriers just for entry, people line up for the chance to enter.  Even after entering, there are literally dozens of bouncers for every designer that must be avoided or dealt with.
I asked a few recent shoppers about their recent trips to Luclin’s most exclusive boutiques:
Magician Starsha had this to say: ‘This necklace from Aten Ha Ra makes my bazongas look even more amazing!  I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.’
Druid Mechaike winked and muttered ‘This ring from VT not only looks baller, but it helps me light things up.  I got some dope kicks from Emp too.’
Shaman Ziva said ‘The fabrics and construction they use are really top notch.  No matter your shape, the fit is amazing!  Even this party mask from Ms. Aten is comfortable.’
Everyone that has been to either location comes away singing their praises.  Some frequent shoppers mentioned that the stock on offer is variable, occasionally leading to disappointment, but that the chance for that special something keeps them coming back for more.
Maybe it’s worth the trouble after all.
---Reporting from the treetop city of Kelethin.

Ridiculous fiction aside, Temerity is deep into Luclin content, with more than 15 Emp kills and 17 Aten Ha Ra kills.  There’s plenty for new and returning players here to experience here on TAKP.  Join us again!

Mechaike, your talent to spin the  game is amazing!!!! This is the perfect post to start my morning off right as I have to decide what to wear outside of Norrath. /wonders what will make my bazongas really pop this morning or make my booty look even more amazing?

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