Torro Application
Hi all, thank you for taking the time to read this application! 

1. Who are your sponsors? (You must have two, they must have agreed to do it, and they must be full members.)

Perish and Foxboxxer

2. How do you know each of your sponsors?

I've known Perish in the real world since live! Perish introduced me EQ back when Kunark came out.

I ran into Roxboxxer while exploring the Oasis of Marr. She was wounded, tired, and in need of assistance, so I brought my 100pt healing spell over to save her from the treacherous orc highway. She's been appreciative ever since.

Foxboxxer has also happily played with me as I've worked my way through some fun old school ish quests. I've spent many hours chatting with Fox while charming the same 4 fish at the entrance to kedge while trying to forage discarded shark teeth.

3. What is the name, level, race and class of your primary main character? Paste in the link to your TAKP magelo.

Torro, 51, Halfling Druid

4. What is your handle on the TAKP forums?


5. List your shrink and EB items, as well as your means of casting gate, invis, and levitate if applicable. Do you have an insta-clicky?

No shrink item at the moment.

Have Lodi Shield.

Can cast gate, invis and levitate.

No instant clicky, but I'm quite tempted to do that painful camp for the invis vs animals ring. 

6. What alts do you have (name/class/level)? 

Muppet / Monk / 19
Freud / Enchanter / 16

7. What time zone do you live in, and what is your typical play schedule? 

EST. Based in Connecticut for now. I have a wonky play schedule, but evenings are generally okay. Sometimes I fiddle around during the day to skill up fishing / foraging while I'm supposed to be writing stuff.

8. Where and when have you played EQ prior to TAKP? If you played on Al'Kabor, tell us your character names, when you were active, and what guild(s) you were in. 

I played on Quellious during live up to LDON. 65 High Elf Enchanter Pansit.

On AK was a halfling druid too. I was in the Horde. I was active until the sunset.

9. Have you been in other guilds on TAKP? If so, why did you leave?

I was in the Horde here for a short while. I was a little sad because the guild became even smaller than what it was and I didn't have many friends to play with. Perish, Fox, and Dryfly have all been very kind indulging my little adventures to funny places, and I appreciate them for that! 

10. Describe your previous EQ raiding experience. What classes have you played on raids?

On live, I didn't raid very much. Mostly because my schedule wouldn't allow it. I did some server organized raids in PoP (halls of honor b, crypt of decay) and Velious (Kael, Velks). 

11. Why do you want to join Temerity?

I like learning from and playing along skilled players who liked to have fun! And all the folks I've met so far have been very kind and good humored. I've pretty much bought all my low level spells from start from Neeas buying my spider venom sacks.

I also like that there's a regular raid schedule with good participation. It means I can plan to play at regular times!

12. What do you expect out of EverQuest -- why do you play?

I find EQ relaxing. I spend a lot of my days doing a lot of writing and this helps me get my mind in a more chilled out space. I also love the story and seeing the funny bits the developers wove into the game over the years. And I think the quests are fun. EQ has a way of making you feel proud of most simple piece of quest armor because, hey, you went out of the way and did it! In that sense, I love the role playing aspect of it. I love tradeskills and making people pies. I love looking for dragon eggs and trying not to get smushed by velium hounds. I like to laugh at the game's jokes. I also enjoy a coordinated team effort to destroy a big bad guy.

13. Anything else you want us to know?

Happy to answer any other questions!

Thank you for taking the time to read!



Welcome, Torro! Look forward to seeing you around.

Welcome, fellow shortie!

We love hobbits here; it almost balances out your lack of devotion to the True Mother Goddess of Nature.

[Image: giphy.gif]
Lurari, Holy Mini-Knight of Brell // Formerly Lurari, Feral Lord. // Once Luluri, Nature Warden // Nickname Lulu

I tried to turn Torro in to a complete slacker by showing him EQ all those years ago.   Now he is a doctor of anthropology.      

I guess it worked!   :-P

Hi fellow droid! See you in game.

Mechaike (droid) / Pleaseno (mag) / Fembot (clr) / Disaster (trader) / Rude / Wedgie / Hlep / Starvin / Ohyes

Killed him twice with orc highway trains to give a truly classic experience, especially that part about SoW wearing off at the worst times.

I like Toro a lot better than John Deere.

Hi Torro. Nice to see your application.
Tarkon - Rogue
Tarkonia - Cleric
Siman - Enchanter
Member of Temerity

Welcome Torro, if up need to find your way through and old let me know.

I'm happy to see this app after grouping with you in SSRA. I hope to hang with you some more.


Torro is a very easy going dude and fun to group with. He knows the game well and I am glad to see him in app tem. For those who enjoy good company, get to know him.


Do you own a fire beetle eye?
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