Pabst Blueribbon 54 SK
1. Who are your sponsors? (You must have two, they must have agreed to do it, and they must be full members.)
Neea, Miyamoto, Thucy should vouch for meSmile 

2. How do you know each of your sponsors?
I raided with Vintage as Pabst back in the day and Temerity as Blaezin. I played a lot during the release of TAKP with Destiny and was very active in raiding Classic and early into Kunark content before taking the last couple years off. I know these three quite well and many others in the guild from past play. 

3. What is the name, level, race and class of your primary main character? Paste in the link to your TAKP magelo.
Pabst Blueribbon 54 SK

4. What is your handle on the TAKP forums?

5. List your shrink and EB items, as well as your means of casting gate, invis, and levitate if applicable. Do you have an insta-clicky?
Pots, Need a hammer for Gate. No insta click currently

6. What alts do you have (name/class/level)? 
Keeth Stone: 54 Shaman
Legionn Ofboom: 54 Enchanter

7. What time zone do you live in, and what is your typical play schedule? 
Pacific. I play mornings/day time Mondays, and evenings when I can. Weekends depend on my schedule.  

8. Where and when have you played EQ prior to TAKP? If you played on Al'Kabor, tell us your character names, when you were active, and what guild(s) you were in. 
I played and raided through Velious with Pabst on Al'Kabor. Boxed a Rogue and a Shaman with him. I played on AK from 2009 till the server close. I also raided in Tem with Blaezin (Paladin) into PoT. Played these new toons from the start of TAKP in classic and a bit of Kunark as well. Just looking to start playing a bit again! 

9. Have you been in other guilds on TAKP? If so, why did you leave?
I was in Destiny back when everything kicked off. I unguilded as I left as other people were leaving. Haven't played in a couple years. 

10. Describe your previous EQ raiding experience. What classes have you played on raids?
I have raided all content through PoTime. Raided primarily as a tank. 

11. Why do you want to join Temerity?
Because you all are the best people out there. 

12. What do you expect out of EverQuest -- why do you play?
I enjoy the calm this game brings. It really is my favorite game I've ever played and I don't need much else in my life in regards to video games. I love how much it brings people together. 

13. Anything else you want us to know?
Hope to see you all in game soon! 

Hey! I saw you earlier near the dark bank in PoK and thought your names were awesome. Hit me up if you need buffs or help on stuff.
Drudger Diggydiggyhole - 60 Dwarf Cleric

Welcome back! Looking forward to getting you back in raiding shape.
Lizard.  The motorcycle he rode in on.  The mud scraped off his boot.

Hi Pabst. Great to see your app.
Tarkon - Rogue
Tarkonia - Cleric
Siman - Enchanter
Member of Temerity

I have a bunch of alts at 54/55 - Will try to hook up with you for XPing sometime this week!

Hey man looking forward to playing with you again


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Lurari, Holy Mini-Knight of Brell // Formerly Lurari, Feral Lord. // Once Luluri, Nature Warden // Nickname Lulu

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