Hey all
Just want to re-introduce myself as I'd like to app to the guild this week. I've been an active player on TAKP ever since Alpha invites were sent out, with a small break somewhere between 2017-18. 

Originally, I was one of many that started on AK when F2P took place. It was like re-living the early 2000's for me, and was fun times all around. While on AK, I was part of Destiny until sunset. Some of us laid our fully geared corpses by DB as the server shut down, that was a sad time for many.

Ever since playing on TAKP, I've been a part of A&H, Destiny, SD, Temerity, Imperium, Neph, and most recently again, Imperium. I've had fun and learned many things about the game and the people I've played with.

The recent implementation (well, not so recent) of shelter in place has had dramatic life-style changes for many. I've worked from home since end of February and have increased my play time on the server. For the past couple of months, I've participated in raids that happened during work hours, and that's not acceptable. So I would like to rectify that by joining you guys again. A 5pm raid time is much more preferable than 11am.

Anyway, thank you for reading and see you on the app thread!

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