Wannabe Recruit Eager to put in work!
Hey guys, Newskin here (56 Monk main) boxing a 55 Shaman and 57 Druid. I am currently attending my first raid as a non member with you guys in ST. I just wanted to start my intro and get some exposure as a possible recruit.

I was in contact with Syphie in my late lvl 40's and he helped me get my monk epic but haven't seen him on in a few weeks. Since then I've been solo box lvling on my 3 box and haven't met many people so I've been reaching out to people in Temerity asking what I can do to get an intro. Finally got into my first raid tonight and got a red and blue stone in ST! I'm stoked to join and eager to help and learn the end game here on TAKP!


Glad to have have met you tonight. See you around Norrath!

Was nice to see ya in the raid! Hit us up on groups. A few people are leveling up some alts and just normal AA exping here and there. I know I have a couple 52 toons I am going to try and start leveling up to 60.
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I will try to remember to /join temerity:fnord 

Nice seeing you today in ST !
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Syphie is taking a burnout break, he's still around and he'll be back.

Oh cool, glad to see you applying! Yeah, just taking a little breather from the game. I'll be back. :p

Heya Newskin! Glad to see you around! Torro/Tindero

Hi, myself and Sarah have a couple of late 50s alts also and would love to group, once we regain power from the Midwest windstorm disaster.

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(08-12-2020, 10:25 PM)Newskin Wrote: I am currently attending my first raid as a non member with you guys in ST.

Browsing the internet while raiding, this guy is an EQ vet.
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What's a monk main?

No idea.

It's a future main change waiting to happen.

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