Dwarf Stacking and Fun Run in Great Divide
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Continuing tradition, community members gathered to hold an event as old as time itself.  We spoke with today’s fun run leader, Pith, who hosted the event.

Pith says ‘Dwarf have odd magic.  Stack many same place.  More than count.  Me call them PILE.’




Pith says ‘Zrelik is boss.  Point to spot, PILE moves.  PILE turns giants into bloody snow.’  Pith beams a smile.



Pith says ‘Many friends also help.  Good time.’


We’re still kicking here, actively raiding everything that’s worth our time!  Some of the lesser events like the Coldain Ring War (Coldain Ring #10) end up being offnight fun.  It’s always a good time to drop in the forum to say hello and relive the magic of EQ on our new home, TAKP!

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