Hi everyone
Hi gang!
I just wanted to express my interest in joining Temerity’s ranks. I have had positive experiences with some of the members and owe a lot of my successes in game to them. Syphie helped me kill Verner Sathir? (I think?) in Karnor Castle, and helped get me prepared for other battles with advice and gear, Cookies aided me in the Kael Arena with armour, faction standing with dragons, and battles with epic monsters, and Howlinmad laid waste to droves of frogs deep in the dungeons of guk, helping me obtain a metallic shiny robe. I, also, had the privilege joining Temerity on my first ever raid laying waste to giants in Great Divide. It was a blast!  Every time I group or chat with members of Temerity, they are always friendly and helpful – which I really appreciate as this is my first experience with EverQuest (I never played live and these are my first ever avatars). With that said, a lot of my first experiences in EQ have been with Temerity, which I really appreciate. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to group with members who could be a reference for me to join – but I do hope this changes. This brings me to the point of my post, if any members see my trio around (repugnant, necrophobia, and anthropogenic) feel free to say hello. Hopefully I can have the chance to group with you in the future. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to post on your forum and to express an interest in Temerity


Good to see you post Necro! I'll look for you when I'm doing exp or dungeon excursions.

Nice to see ya Necro! Look for me if you ever need any buffs or rezing.
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Hey, hit me up on discord to say hi or chat some time (Same name). Or my trader cadssbaazar. I chat a lot more than I group lately, it seems, but if schedules settle down after October hopefully I can get back to some more nonraid playing

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Hey! I’ve seen ya around and in the GD ring war. Not sure of your typical playtimes but I’m one of the late night people. Feel free to let me know if ya wanna exp. Zeliux is my main.


Nice to see your post! I haven't been here as much lately, but glad to see you've been sticking around!

Hey you, was fun to see you at the ring war. Looking forward to seeing you in game!

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