Lost Enchanter Found Frozen in the Ice of Velious : Returning to EQ
Greetings Temerity!

So...  Its been three years since I last was seen. I fell into the Ice somewhere in the Western Wastes of Velious.  Imagine my surprise when the weather warmed and I could pry myself free! My dragon friends greeted me warmly but I soon waved goodbye and made for the moon!  I can hardly believe how much progress you all have made.  

I have been back on TAKP  - 5 months now! - time flies - I look forward to sticking around!

Ill See you in Game.

Rumiel, 60 Enchanter MAIN
Tender, 60 Druid Alt
Nedo, 60 Pally Alt

I did see you today. Welcome back Rumi )
Neea Cleric
Zneea Wizardess
Gnomeo Gnome

Welcome back!

Slouch, fattoknight
formerly Pithy, gnooligan


Cool, wb you!

Welcome back!
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Lullaby - Ench / Rezinator - Cleric / Molten - Mage
Alts: / Celeborn - Bard / Tyrionn - Druid / Tyranno - Beastlord / Bubonic - Shadowknight / Moab - Wizard / Akasha - Necro / Thrain - Pally / Arwen - Ranger

Welcome back! Take your time and ease back into it!

Nice to meet you!

Welcome back! You've been very helpful to me and I appreciate it!

See you soon!


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