An introduction
Hi Temerity,

This is Sverder here, a (mostly) solo box level 58 necro. I've been looking for a guild to call home, and Temerity's guild philosophy resonates with me. I'd like to get to know you more and give you all a chance to get to know me too, so if you ever need help with anything or need an extra dps/puller, please let me know. I'm a pretty casual player, but you'll find me online several nights week after 8pm central.

58 necro

(Previously Delvean/Fillo/Enticer - 60 pal/dru/ench)


Glad to hear from you! Shoot me a tell if you see me online for grouping.

Smudge plays and I don't? What is this world we live in?

Welcome, Sverder! We love single-boxers and we're light on necros these days. Looking forward to hangin' with you Smile

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Glad to see your post and looking forward to playing more. Good work on your VT key being almost finished!

Hey Sverder! Look me up in game. I’m usually around exping, questing or dying if you are ever looking to get into trouble!


Hope to see you on some raids soon )
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