Hi Temerity!
Greetings! I am lvl 60 sk, with a clr and enc box. all geared and fully AA. Looking to make a new home in Temerity. I was an officer / raid leader in BS prior to this but I had to leave due to the late night raid schedule. I often got in bed around 12-1am and up at 6am for work. It took a toll! 

I dont need xp or gear or anything, but I would like to meet some folks and am currently looking for a second sponsor. Please feel free to say hi if you see me in game. I can help you xp, quest, etc. Just want to get to know ya. 

See you in game!



Cool man glad to see this application looking forward to grouping with you and introducing you to the team.
Tak 60 Beastlord Dobbis


Nice to meet you Jaerim! Looking forward to seeing you in game.

Hey Jaerim! Thanks for joining us for the Ring War the other night. Feel free to hit me up in game for some groupage or whatever!


I look forward to meeting you soon. I'm sorry I didn't realize you weren't a box at the Ring War or I would have made an effort.

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