hey all,

hope everyone is doing well! I was browsing through the servers/forums in eq-emu, saw Alkabor and then recognized a bunch of familiar names.  All these pleasant memories flooded me, from the fun raids to Zetro telling me not to further inflate the rangers' ego XD. Next thing I know I'm talking to Linkamus while showing those monsters in field of bone who is boss.

Even after all these years, it felt surreal to see Placerslute on his stone in PoK XD

Feel free to drop a message anytime Smile  My level 4 monk will happily help in whatever way it can Tongue.
Good to see you all again!  


TAKP does bring back so MANY AK memories for sure!! It's also great to  meet new folks who have added so much to our server. Welcome back!

Hey Rorle. Was good catching up last night.

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