Have tradeskillers gone too far? GGG investigages!
Taking up a trade has been around since the dawn of time.  However, we got eyewitness reports of strange items never before seen.

Gnome Gnews Gnetwork investigates under cover, providing exclusive photos of the forbidden technology!

Bizarre, but ok:

[Image: iKAsk3w.jpg]

Is...  is this something gnomish eyes are meant to see?

[Image: 2hBNcOC.jpg]

Some kind of forbidden weapon, named after a hero?

[Image: 9Z4YyyT.jpg]

Apparently there are many objects we literally cannot perceive a name for:
[Image: NYqWBj9.jpg]

[Image: NZRFK3n.jpg]

[Image: yh5e15v.jpg]

[Image: 4WEhRol.jpg]

[Image: GEg0Xap.jpg]

[Image: I3qiAtr.jpg]

[Image: 9ohbr3k.jpg]

[Image: gXPSmKA.jpg]

Our under cover gnagents stopped transmitting images after this.  Inquiries about their location were met with a one word reply: Kebab.

Clearly these technologies are poorly understood, and GGG advises viewers to stay away.


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This is riveting investigative journalism and proves the need for continued support of this dying art.

-4608 AC is gonna be a no from me, dawg.

Clearly monk gear.

I'd still get lost even with a +216 Sense Heading mod!!

I also suggest back away from the trade skilling!!

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