PoP launch has been announced on TAKP
Yo, log in here or at TAKP to see the details!

What are navmesh zones? I see a listing, but I haven't made the connection of what is it or of the importance?

Navmesh Zones:
* Qeynos
* Qeynos Hills
* Karanas except East Karana
* Kithicor
* Commonlands
* North Ro
* Oasis
* South Ro
* Innothule
* Feerrott
* Misty Thicket
* Kedge Keep
* Cobalt Scar
* Firiona
* Great Divide
* Maiden Eye
* Umbral Plain
* Western Wastes

Can someone please enlighten me?

Navmesh is a new pathing system that the devs want to roll out and debug before launching PoP. If you find mobs pathing weirdly in navmesh zones (or anywhere, really), the devs ask that you report it in the Pathing Bugs forum.
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