Quarm down!
We've been refining our strategies for a few weeks, and today we got Quarm down first engage!

[Mon Jun 20 22:14:59 2022] Zebuxoruk staggers about and looks at you drowsy, from his weakened state. 'My thanks to you.  I am surprised to see you have made it here.  We must get back to Norrath.  The time has come for me to share my knowledge. Something is coming, a threat to us all, and the sands in the hourglass are thinning. Make haste and take me back the way you came.'
[Mon Jun 20 22:15:31 2022] Zebuxoruk says 'I am surprised at the gods for taking such drastic measures, though I suppose all of the creations of the Nameless are capable of displaying poor judgment and irrational behavior.  These gods are burdened with powers and responsibilities beyond our comprehension, yet at times even they do not understand the eventual effect of their actions.  I am compelled to share the knowledge of the gods with the populace of Norrath, so that I might save their creations.  They do not realize that if mortality ceases to exist... if they are not worshipped and held aloft by the beliefs of those that they now have grown to fear... they will fall from power and a new age of darkness will wash over existence as they know it.  I did not seek to interfere with them or their realms, only to free them from a fate that awaits all of us.  It is this fate that now stands ready, greedily gathered on the edge of the void, ready to test the will of all mortals.'
(I may have been out or range of her first chat lines)
[Mon Jun 20 22:16:45 2022] Druzzil Ro speaks to your mind, 'That I did, but I also taught you not to share your wealth of knowledge if it would affect the fate of others.  I cannot allow this to happen.  I must set things back to how they were before you and these mortals arrived here, I believe that you cannot understand this and I am sorry.'
[Mon Jun 20 22:16:51 2022] Druzzil Ro looks upon Zebuxoruk one last time, as a wave of sadness comes across her gentle face.
[Mon Jun 20 22:16:57 2022] Druzzil Ro begins to chant an incantation; mana flows out from her body in all directions.  Things begin moving slowly in reverse.  You become dizzy from the experience and fall to your knees.  As you look up the last thing you can see is Druzzil Ro smiling in your direction.  She then waves her arms gracefully and points at you.
[Mon Jun 20 22:17:03 2022] There is a brilliant flash and you find yourself displaced through time and space.  For a moment you lose touch with yourself.  As you wake, you find yourself back in the Plane of Knowledge, moments after talking to Maelin with the information of retrieving the Quintessence of Elements.  Druzzil has preserved the timeline, and restored existence back to its normalcy.
[Mon Jun 20 22:17:06 2022] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...

A few screenshots:

[Image: ScthM2M.jpg?1]

[Image: qFdtJ13.jpg?1]

[Image: DrpTKMI.jpg]

[Image: F7d6aaD.jpg]
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Outstanding accomplishment-- congrats!

Grats Temfolk! It has been a long quest for a lot of you. It must have been an exciting moment and I'm glad you got to spend it together. My other favorite thing is seeing Neea in those Quarm kill photos. Just because she's been here since the beginning of the server, like in Beta. And during Beta she was on the server first Naggy raid. Just a wonderful long standing community member.

[Image: jKpbR0f.png]

Oh wow. What a blast from the Past. Thanks Sketchy !

Still in her newbie armor, too ...
Neea Cleric
Zneea Wizardess
Gnomeo Gnome

Oh wow what nostalgia. I’m hiding all the way in the back behind Seamore Butts, lol. That feels like so long ago!

Congratulations, Tem! Happy to see y’all finally got your revenge on the fight!

A huge congratulations! Seeing the names in that photo brings back a lot of good times!

Speaking of November blasts from the past - wow! Great to hear from you, Wems!

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