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I'm posting this here to hopefully begin the conversation about an application as a Beastlord main. I still am looking for a second sponsor, so for that reason consider my application a little incomplete. Over the past week I chatted briefly with Lurari about a need for Beastlord mains in Temerity. Additionally Taelor, Thucydides, Neea and Smudge have been extremely generous and have helped me xp, complete some PoP flagging and my Earring of Solstice.
1. Who are your sponsors? (You must have two, they must have agreed to do it, and they must be full members.)
Smudge, Lurari
2. How do you know each of your sponsors?
I met Smudge when doing my mage epic in 2021. He helped me with some of the camps, gave me tips on other camps, sold me a earth staff MQ and we've kept in touch since.
3. What is the name, level, race and class of your primary main character? Paste in the link to your TAKP magelo.
Kled 58 65 Iksar Beastlord (https://www.takproject.net/magelo/charac...?char=Kled)
4. What is your handle on the TAKP forums?
Maelin (https://www.takproject.net/forums/index....elin.1751/)
5. List your shrink and EB items, as well as your means of casting gate, invis, and levitate if applicable. Do you have an insta-clicky?
Invis: Self Cast & Cloudy Potion
Levitate: Self Cast & 10-Dose Antiweight
Shrink: Self Cast
EB: Lodizal Shell Shield / Knotted Turtlebone Ring
Gate: 10-Dose Potion of the Bone Field
6. What alts do you have (name/class/level)?
Stellar 65 Druid (https://www.takproject.net/magelo/charac...ar=Stellar)
Atlan 65 Magician (https://www.takproject.net/magelo/charac...char=Atlan)
Arwic 53 Magician (Can donate credentials for coth bot)
7. What time zone do you live in, and what is your typical play schedule?
Pacific Standard Time. Play window is 5-Midnight PST on the weekdays and more flexible on the weekends.
8. How long have you played on TAKP?
Atlan was born in October 2017
9. Where and when have you played EQ prior to TAKP? If you played on Al'Kabor, tell us your character names, when you were active, and what guild(s) you were in.
Played p99 blue & PEQTGC prior to TAKP. Raided on p99 blue under Taken and The Second Sons during Kunark / Velious content. Have an 18-box army I solo raid with on PEQTGC.
10. Have you been in other guilds on TAKP? If so, why did you leave?
11. Describe your previous EQ raiding experience. What classes have you played on raids?
I have minimal relevant raid experience in the TAKP era of Everquest. Recently I raided as Shaman and Magician on p99 blue. On live 20 years ago I did VT on a Magician on Tholuxe Paells. My lack of experience in this era has me excited to experience the content and master the zones and encounters.
12. Why do you want to join Temerity?
Temerity is a long-standing guild with an excellent reputation. The fact that several currently active members played on the original Al’Kabor server under the same guild tag demonstrates that the guild is  truly special. I have been helped numerous times by Temerity members and it would be great to be part of the team and give back to the community.
13. What do you expect out of EverQuest -- why do you play?
Everquest to me is a nostalgic gaming experience from my childhood that I continue to find myself coming back to. While the game has lost some of the magic over the years since there is so much known and documented about the game itself, it always offers the opportunity to meet likeminded people and blow off steam from RL. In my opinion, MMOs are best when you can progress as a team with people you enjoy spending time with. After extensively playing the other emulated servers and dabbling with the flavor-of-the-month progression server experience, I know that TAKP is the place for me. The attitude of the GMs coupled with the respected raid rotation means everyone gets an opportunity to experience the content of the game without the drama attached. This has created a server where friendly people work together rather than race to open petitions and I want to be a part of that. At the end of the day, it is always nice to get some fancy pixels but I appreciate that TAKP has taken the approach it has so that the players can focus on and enjoy the wonderful aspects of the game. Meeting new people, sharing a few laughs and progressing through the game are the aspects of EQ that have me coming back for more so many years later.
14. Anything else you want us to know?

Edit: I would also be willing to raid on any shared accounts in favor of learning the content while I work on PoP flag progression on Kled.
Edit2: Lurari has offered to be my second sponsor!
Discord - Beerfueled#0277

Welcome, Kled! Looking forward to meeting you in game.

Heya ! Happy to see this app !
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Taken, eh... not sure about that. I hear some pretty sketchy things about one of their guild leaders, that Daldaen guy. Did you ever notice anything, like raid drops being oddly bad when he was the one looting?

Hi Kled, glad to see your application. Here's some of our upcoming flagging raids that it'd be great if you could make (or get your login info to somebody that can get you the flag if you need to miss some).
All raids will be at 5pm pacific (8 est), and will meet at the zonein of the zone of the first target on the list (valor for AD, disease for Grummus, etc.)

Sunday 8/28 - AD + HoH + Agnarr???
Monday 8/29 - Grummus + Carprin + TT

Wednesday 8/31 - Carprin + Bertox + LMM
Tuesday 9/6 - MB + TZ + VZ + RZ
Wednesday 9/7 - Saryrn + Agnarr??
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Welcome to the party pal, glad to see this!
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Hi there. Nice to see your app.

I look forward to meeting you Kled! Your application was a joy to read and expresses your ideals so well.

Welcome, Kled!

Thanks for the warm welcome! I've had great interactions with many of you since posting my application. I've marked my calendar for the backflagging raids and will make sure Kled gets them done whether I am the pilot or not!

Nice hanging out with you for a short time. We shall continue to group together sir.

What a fun ride it has been so far! In only one month as an applicant, I have met so many wonderful Temerity members and hope that I haven't been too much of a burden on the raids. As a casual player for most of my eq experience, flagging for elemental planes has felt surreal. Although some find it boring, doing the eartha rings tonight was a blast! I know I joined as a 58 beastlord with no AAs, but I'm now (mostly) elemental flagged, 65, with 45 AAs. Time has flown but I have enjoyed all of it. I'm so glad that Temerity has let me in and I look forward to the adventures ahead. Cheers!


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