Hello (again)
Hey thought I'd say hi and reintroduce myself. Im a returning Al`Kabor player; was briefly a member of Temerity as Corruptor (65 DE Necro). 

   I've Been poking around trying to talk to people and get a feel for the guilds and the community. Lot to catch up on now that i'm playing 3 new classes plus trying to relearn everquest. Its been a fun challenge but looking to take the next step soon and find a group of folks to play/raid with. Had a chance to talk to some members and officers of most of most of the guilds (at least in my TZ) and decided I'd like to end up back here. 

    Anyways working on cleric epic, poj trial  (ty ravenwing!) BoT key, VT key and all that good stuff so I'll most likely be looking for some help in the next few weeks.

Corruptor: 60 Cleric - My main
Sugarpine: 59 ShadowKnight
Thuja: 60 Mage


Welcome! Nice running into you in Justice today - looking forward to getting to know you!

Did you really spend 7 days in Lake Rathe !?
LMK if you need a faithstone for your cleric)
Neea Cleric
Zneea Wizardess
Gnomeo Gnome

Yep, 7 days broken into two stints. Ironically when I was logging in my toons one day someone had literally just got Bergurgle to spawn and were still fighting him    Cry Not sure how many actual hours I spent down there but made roughly 1k plat from killing those three goblins.


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