Hey Temerity
Just introducing myself Lvl 63 Necro , looking for a guild that operates mostly on EST , and TEM seemed like a good choice, so here I am. I do try to be on most nights of the week for a bit, and of course weekends. I'm working my way to 65 all a while trying to work on quests and certain zones access and whatnot, alot of stuff to accomplish in the months ahead,  so shoot me a tell if you see me online for anything, looking forward to meeting more of ya's. 

Vanuk Lvl 63 iksar necro (Main)


Make sure you work on your flags. 80% of Temerity won't see you if you aren't able to come on raids because you can't zone in.

Welcome to the boards, Vanuk! Looking forward to meeting you in game.

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