Old School to NU SkEwLl
In the begining there was the beta server where a few didn't have any clue what was going on then there was bastete and a few others who did know what was going on. Then millions of years preceeding this God said let there be light. But that's another story for another time. So.

Eventually al kabor went live and we were like yay! With some oohhhhss!!!!!and ahhhhhhssssss!!!!!! Thrown in there as well.

People started leveling and guilds were popping up left and right and temerity was all like everyone else. Then along came a (censored)-hat named ferat who was a little anal gerbal and sucked. We didn't like him. And then there was ciel who could be an anal gerbal as but some found to be a bit mis guided and mis understood, or a total anal gerbal, depends on your perspective and mood and if it was that time of the month for ceil (he was an intresting fellow). Cadsuane came along and was getting his barrings straight before heading out and being all like "RAWR"!

Gnatzilla came along and was all like "I like grapes f-tards" .

Thus some of the first wave of key faces of temerity were now in place. Well not key faces, but, they were the most loud.

Orders were given and people were level, a ninja named bufr was pretty frikin cool.

Nikolia joined tem and was all like "hi , I'm nikolia, I have wisdom beyond my years and my 9 lives, you will never comprehend my philisophical outlook on life and thus that ma.......ohh look at the string"

The honor guard made its first spilt up :-(
And kyth kandyl vector justice (pansy) presto and someone else probably came with them to temerity. Where I had to be the odd ball and went to dc. I still kick myself for that. Kyth does to. I think she gets more plesure out of it though.......hrrrmmm

Raids were going , the first "first in force" drama thing came , devisri and I tryed to maintain the peace. My young temper got the best of me a few times. I lived and learned. Redleaf was all like whoa. Mechiake was all like "dude" and friction was going.

Janribet and some other guy left DC and came to tems. And I was like not in my happy place.

And then bajjo was like "hello ladies" and started playing his bow chika maw maw song running around pok.

A few month long battle for kei went on, temerity eventually got one copy of it, then DC got two copys in the same night which went to me and aamasea. And neither of us could us the effin spell. And then I was all like die and leave me alone I can't cast kei you effers go bother oompah. And oompah was sitting there like "yo, I'm oompah, sup dawgs"

And cadsuane was ripping his hair out going " AAAAHHHHHH SSSSEEEEXXXXXXX DIIIIIEEEEEE (censored) (censored) (censored) IN THE SIDE OF YOUR (censored). But he was logged in as redleaf, so newbs across the land feared redleaf, and it took the nation druid society months to assure the lands of qeynos and freeport that he still smoked pot and hadn't switched to crystal meth.

then there was some drama with a baseball player.

Then some little panty waist shadownight who's name isn't worth mentioning, got some at the time decent gear and then ebayed his toon. Stupid newb, should have waited a few months , gotten better gear THEN ebayed. Stupid impatient kids.

Then me and gnatzilla got into a bit on eqmac.com , ahh the good ole days, back when flame threads lasted months.

And then shylah was all like I hate you , I love you , I hate you , I love you , I hate you , I love , DIE! Hello!

And kyth was like, I like grapes.

Adzeen ran around and pwned egmac and the forums.

Original grace was annoying sometimes.

Lucinda was flighty but fun

And vector was just sitting over there all like " your all a bunch of effin newbs, but its fun to watch"

and khama was an eq ninja popping in and out.

DC then had its first huge break up where a mass of players left to the point where temerity had to implement a new system of recruitment. Aristar still remained all quite and junk.

And nolan was calm at the time.

Me and shylah talked a good bit.

And I began to weave my way into temerity.

We raided and conquered and it was fun.

Guilded drama insued. But meh . We all came to accept it by that point. And cadsuane was still like "RAWR BUTT SEXX!!!"

Utdaan was leading honor guard.

I have no idea what was going on there.

Temerity grew and grew and raided more.

Tuapua was like "hoorays!!!! Now I gotta go feed the baby"

Nik coughed up a hair ball at this point to.

Karen/karst was on extended afk and sikkorak (censored) owned pulling. As allways.

Nolan became a penix obsessed spaz on meth. But we still loved him. Just from a distance....... In a different room........ In our hearts..........

Then cadsuane logged into shylah and said
"Shylah tells the raid : I like butt sex"

We all luaghed


SSRA strategies were being ironed out, the arch lich , cursed, yadda yadda yadda were becoming part of our regular routine.

I think we even took a crack at the high priest. I didn't like that one. We were doing comm farming raids. Those sucked. I think one time I went afk for an hour and talked to lore and bajjo on the phone. Bajjo stayed at his computer to let us know if anything exciting happened. Nothing did.

Then the best thing ever. We *gets all giddy* .......

Got a HUGE update!

Like were talking the teir 2 and 3 planes were opened up. It was so shiny, and pretty. I peed myself.

Life was good. We were happy, and XP flowed like honey


(Dun duh) (dun duh!) (DDDDUUUHHHHH!!!!!!)

World Of warcraft came out!

A dark era settled on al kabor.

Thens went bleak and tons of people left.

We went back down to raiding lodizal, doing it with the remaining members of SoN that we were trying to recruit. Back gearing a few people were we could.

Then Kyth, Nikolai , and vector became the leading officers. Redleaf, mechiake myself and a small resistance fought valiantly in an effort to revive the hurting temerity raid force.

I actually even tanked lodi once after the MT died and lived through the whole fight!! Thus began my real tanking days, I got all my defensive AAs. Then some better gear. Then bam I figured out I could tank and solo the prisoners camp in PoJustice.

Was a good way to make quick plat.

Rumblecrush was in full farmingness, he was fun to pull.

And snakes , snakes, snakes, and more snakes all around.

About 4 months maybe 5 after, we did something incredibally amazing.

We defeated the emporor of ssra.

After temerity nearly killing over, we rocketed back in full force.

And phat lewts soon rained from the heavens.

And kyth was like , shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake the halfling booty, shake the halfling booty.
Shake shake shake, (dun nuh nu nuh nu) shake shake shake, shake that halfling booty, nuhna nuh nun nuh na , shake that halfling booty.

Oh and somewhere in there months before the server died utdaan joined (pwned)

Then vex thall happened and we were all like , ohhh, ahhhh

Starsha was there and she was all like hoorays, lexani was shooting teh arrows.

Kwelyninene was all like what now.

Bora was all (wo)Manly and buff

And sniggles was all like " look at me , I'm a gnome, does this robe make my little gnomish toockus look to big?" but sniggles is a gnome, and nothing on gnomes can get to big. And if it did, it would be nerfed. Poor gnomes. Insert sad face here.

Flubward and sayre and I had creative differances , but we agreed to disagree.
Then oompah came back. And we were like well eff this, and tryed to pass leadership off on one another, it was funny.

and then irl took a weird turn for me and I missed a good bit, this is where most of current tem came into play.

And now its all viva makes teh stabbyness

And gumgak was all like "grrr I'm an angry angry hippo...wait....ogre"

And dwin was like "I'm not a pot smoking druid, I'm just a halfing"
Mechiaked snickered
Redleaf said "yeah right"

Seanahowevertheeffitsspelled was all like I can't play my catholic pedifilies errr priest said I had to give up eq for 40 days
Then he could play, so its all good.

Roneb was a retard, but someone still loves him.

Builds .............. Things ......still???

And now my coffee and caffiene pills wearing off and I need to actually work.






Wow, LOL, I can't wait to see who posts about the Nu Skewll happenings..


I am old school.

OMG this is the funniest thing ever.
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Starsha Wrote:p.s. mental note, don't piss of BL, he'll come after me with teeth, claws, and the law!

And here I thought I was part of Temerity. /cry

Sorry zorb, but there was only so much I can remember, but I do plan on putting in a part 2 later this week. Btw more feed back is welcome on this lol.

Hah! That's riot! I'm confused though, you mean, people didn't always get along?!?! NO WAY! Wink

Good post, made meh chuckle.
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You missed the Prymary incident.
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Bastette Wrote:You missed the Prymary incident.

OH ya that guy :eek:

Lets Not Forget the Chaos Chapter That was classic to Rolleyes
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I was about to moan about not being mentioned but then neither is Zorb, hehe.

OMG, did you make like action figures of everyone and like act that out!?

That would be rockin! This would make a funny flash movie! Tongue

Hrm...would be interesting to see what all the other old schoolers will add!

PS Edit Zorblak & Louie in... Big Grin
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Zatrik also omitted /sob :p

love the Sniggles section btw.

edit: Mordor - don't know if you were being sarcastic, Sniggles = Twist = ? = ... god that makes me wanna go revisit that thread... haha.

When I joined the "Twist" drama was just climaxing, so dont leave that part out.

Spinja Wrote:Mechiake was all like "dude"

dude, that's so, like, deep.

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