I started on TAKP in December. I plan to apply to Temerity once I am 50th level. I am only 31st currently. I hate excuses, but unfortunately I do have one for my slow leveling. My EQ time has been limited as I have been dealing with a death in my family, so I have hardly been on the last 3 weeks. I was not planning to bother you all with my introduction until I hit 46th level, but Pithy's post of the Temerity recruiting thread on TAK made me decide I should let my intention to apply to Temerity once I am 50th level known to you all.

My main is a rogue and I am boxing a druid and an enchanter. I am using a poker Neea gave me when I was 5th level. Currently I am in highkeep and at 34th I plan to go to crystal caverns. Anyway, the game seems pretty easy so far even though I have some empty slots. It seems good gear is not essential to success and I like that. I imagine gear is more important once one starts to raid, something I have never done.

I played EQ back from 2002 to 2004. I messed around with different characters, a druid and a bard are the two classes I recall playing. I think I got to the 40s in levels.

I hope to see you all in game soon.


If you are around in the am shoot zyzzix a tell - can do some slaying of things.
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I am more then happy to slay things with you as well.

We look forward to seeing you. Smile

How ya doing Kiddo ? ! Glad to see this introduction )
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Thank you for the warm welcome. Xavior(Brawler) joined me for a bit in highkeep. Almost 33 now, thank you for the company tonight.

Welcome and thanks for introducing yourself! With Luclin on the (distant) horizon, it's a great time to join and get some Velious items that we may not have time for in the future. What are the names of the alts you listed?
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My 3 are Cheyenne a 36 rogue, Shaina a 37 druid, and Deleana a 36 enchanter. I have been three boxing the whole way, alone mostly, but sometimes someone joins me. The halfling is almost a whole level higher because of the xp bonus which adds up over 36 levels.

I've got a bard coming into that range. Will look for you when I'm playing
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I've got a chanter in that range that I'd like to get to (at least) 40 for easy xp grind.  Hit me up if I'm online I'm happy to hop in and help.

Thank you Cadsaune for joining me tonight in Droga. I am finally 40th level. After you left I went to get my druid's BP and a warder that was already up dropped it. Was a very quick camp, like 20 minutes.

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