Hello, Hello! I'm Dopp.
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm Dopp! This is actually my... second introduction. I was a Temerity applicant just under 10 years ago. That, for me... is a crazy thing to think about.

I'm writing because my best bud Bopp and I want to hang out with more Tem folks. We're very interested in applying!

I say I was only an applicant, because I think I did 2 or 3 raids with you guys, and was only tagged for maybe a month. I distinctly remember two things: 1. spamming a remove curse spell at one raid, and 2. being glued to a wall with a line of rangers engaging a raid mob... possibly something to do with Innoruk? Who knows it was 10 years ago. Oh! also we did that million hour Velious ring, too... Vulak? I don't remember the exact name.

The guild Dead Halfling Society was born very soon after I was tagged to Temerity, and Bopp (who was a long time The Horde-r) and I got the progression bug. We left everything and decided it was a great idea to isolate ourselves on an already small population server Big Grin. .We were a part of  the morph into <Vintage>, the team that killed naggy/vox with like 12 classic geared chars, and saw the opening of kunark. Also, we logged seemingly hundreds of hours in PoFear and PoHate. After taking a break for g-school for a couple of years, I popped back in briefly when Vintage was in Velious, and rode out the sunset with them. 

When I first popped on this server a couple of months ago I did some /who all reconnaissance and re-united with Exos. We spent time leveling on the original AK before the vintage days. I believe his exact words were, "Don't join any other guild, man".

Haha, so here we are! Nice to meet you all!

Hey there, welcome back!

Hey dude, glad to see your post here!

Look forward to connecting more in-game!
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Welcome to forums, and TAKP! 

I think I'm going to have a hard time remember who's toons are who's =P I got a phinny staff for whichever has the wiz. Look forward to slayin some pixels with ya both Smile
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Welcome! Glad to see so many shorties running around in PoK recently Smile

We have gone over our gnome quota. You must pvp kill a current Temerity gnome to take their place in the guild.
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If you're trying to start a pvp race war I don't think the dark elves are gonna have a good time.
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(11-02-2018, 02:00 PM)Thucydides Wrote: If you're trying to start a pvp race war I don't think the dark elves are gonna have a good time.

I think we can all agree we have too many gnomes in this guild!
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He was so excited to post back on the forums he left out some (I think) vital information Smile

Dopp as his forum handle goes, plays Lopp (Gnome Enchanter Main) Dopp (Gnome Cleric Box) and Zopp (Gnome Magician Box).

I play Bopp (Gnome Paladin Main) Topp (Gnome Necromancer Box) and Nopp (Gnome Wizard Box)

I look forward to hanging out with more of you soon in an effort to get to know members.  I've chatted a bit with Marie about the application process, and kind of gave him my back story which I will be happy to repeat in my application thread.

Oh. man. no logic to the names. I am with Marie here ! Why not Copp the cleric, Popp the Paladin !

But, on the POSITIVE side, at least is NOT Oppb ( paladin ), Oppl ( enchanter ) !
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(11-02-2018, 05:39 PM)Neea Wrote: Oh. man. no logic to the names.  I am with Marie here !  Why not Copp the cleric, Popp the Paladin !  

But, on the POSITIVE side, at least is NOT Oppb ( paladin ), Oppl ( enchanter ) !

These names go many years back.  Before we had any logic.  Or common sense.  Or notion of what we were doing to people.

You make that naming mistake once. My poor characters "Smudge" "Smudged" "Smudges" "Smudgey" and "Smudger".

Good thing we don't have a Drudgee or Drudger, oh wait......
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Hey now! One is a lizard the other is a dwarf at least!
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But what about Drudge

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