Hemophilia 55 Rogue
I look forward to meeting you in game Hemophillia! Welcome to TAKP!

Hello hello!

Update: Almost level 58. 2 VT shards down. Two emp bane daggers done.

Thanks for having me at the raid last night. Was great meeting several of you and I had a blast.

Welcome! Hope to see you around!

Thanks for having me for ST tonight and the generous tink mask! Looking forward to hopefully getting my last 2 pieces for emp ring before thursday

Welcome aboard

Just wanted to let everyone know the movening is upon us. Ill be packing my PC in the next day or so and prob be out of pocket for about a week while I wait on moving truck to get to Wisconsin.

We’ll be here when you’re settled in
Lizard.  The motorcycle he rode in on.  The mud scraped off his boot.

As a former PROFESSIONAL rogue of the old AK server I have to say I'm a little disappointed by your app.

You have ZERO flowing thought, no bag dedicated to just liquor of multiple varieties and I don't even see a single Baby Joseph Sayer tucked away in your bags to be carried around forever and never returned to his parents.

I mean what kind of rogue even are you if you don't do anything of the things I did?

A much better one, that's what kind - I look forward to meeting and raiding with you!

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